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Why was God created?

Our society has one binding factor and that is that most of us believe in God. There will not be anyone in this world who hasn’t heard of God.

There are numerous theories on how was God created? Some of these are as enterprising as arguing that God may be the king of an alien race that came to earth and tamed humans. This is the most physical of descriptions about God. But in most societies and religion God is more spiritual than physical. We mostly represent God in human form. Most of the gods are from our ordinary earthlings. God may have been created out of princes, kings, paupers, travellers to name a few. Some Hindu and Greek gods are also from heavens unlike most gods created out of ordinary human beings. And we don’t stop there we create new gods every century. We also create new religions with our own set of God’s and rules. That brings to my topic of discussion who do most humans need God?
God to me is the unknown and therefore god is everywhere. Because we will never findout why we were created therefore we will never findout why god is created. We may argue that god was created to represent hope. To some degree that may seem true because when are in distress the first thing we think of is God please save us this time. As if talking to someone and asking for remorse for our sins or we think of God asking to help us when everything else doesn’tt seem to work for us.

So is that why God was created? To be that unknown but one that all of us can connect to because that one is the source of everything that is around us. Is that why we talk to God in distress i.e. To connect to the one and resolve our source of distress and issue.

The fact is that we maynot ever know why? But we know how to connect to god, the power of supreme truth and I think that is what matters.

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