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How difficult is a change

Quite difficult. Or maybe it defends! Depends on what?  I would say a lot of factors. A person will be able push a lot of change in his life and society based on how desperate he has become to bring that change. It can at Times become very difficult because the person has not initiated anychange for a long time or even worse if he has never initiated any change in his entire life.

Change always bring refreshing change to lives of not only the person initiating the change but to all the the related people in his life.

To get started in the path of change start with simple changes. Once you have developed the culture of change in your lives you can iinitiate more bigger and fulfilling changes that will make your life look worthwhile living.

Take baby steps if you want. Learn to say yes for all the things that come as Options in your life. Once you perfect the art of change making your life will becone really fulfilling.

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