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Dogear meaning

  1. To fold down the corner of a page in a book.
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Peshawar children are no more

(this post is in condolences of the little children killed by Taliban militants in Peshawar, Pakistan on 15 Dec 2014)

Today is a sad morning for humanity. Today my heart fills with grief for inhuman act of this killing. Today I feel more bad than I may have felt at any moment of my life because of any public tragedy.

It feels like the loss is mine. It feels like I am hurt. It feels like how much helpless I am. It feels how much indecisive I was. It feels like this is rock bottom. It fills my heart with grief that how much hatred we have in our heart. It feels like how much cruel we are.


Today as I observed 2 minute silence for the innocent children at my workplace, I could feel the somber mood around. I could imagine the happy faces of these children playing around in the swings, around the trees, with their siblings, fooling around here and there. I feel these children should have returned Home safely to their mothers and fathers to hug them, love them and keep them safe in their arms. But we know this is never going to happen now. As I mediate for these pure souls during those 2 minutes I couldn’t stop that drop of tear to trickle down my eyes and I still cannot Stop it now as I write this post.

After around 150 children murdered cold blooded on a chilly winter day I have just one thing to say humanity you have lost it completely and I don’t trust anyone now where my children and my family is concerned.

How difficult is a change

Quite difficult. Or maybe it defends! Depends on what?  I would say a lot of factors. A person will be able push a lot of change in his life and society based on how desperate he has become to bring that change. It can at Times become very difficult because the person has not initiated anychange for a long time or even worse if he has never initiated any change in his entire life.

Change always bring refreshing change to lives of not only the person initiating the change but to all the the related people in his life.

To get started in the path of change start with simple changes. Once you have developed the culture of change in your lives you can iinitiate more bigger and fulfilling changes that will make your life look worthwhile living.

Take baby steps if you want. Learn to say yes for all the things that come as Options in your life. Once you perfect the art of change making your life will becone really fulfilling.

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Fibonacci and Golden Ratio – Phi

Here’s some facts:

  • Fibonacci number is the sequence of numbers found in nature and naural processes
  • The ratio of two adjacent Fibonacci number becomes closer to 1.618 (phi) as we move higher in the Fibonacci series

Here’s my java program to print first 99 Fibonacci numbers:

public class Fibonaci {

public static void main(String[] args) {
double fib[] = new double[102] ;
fib[0] = 0;
fib[1] = 1;
for (int i=0; i <100 ;i++) {
fib[i+2] = fib[i] + fib[i+1];
System.out.println(“Fibonnaci Numbers”);
for (int i=1; i <100 ;i++) {
System.out.println(i+” = “+ fib[i] + ” Ratio=”+fib[i+1]/fib[i]);


And here are the first 99 Fibonacci Numbers and their ratios:

Fibonnaci Numbers
1 = 1.0 Ratio=1.0
2 = 1.0 Ratio=2.0
3 = 2.0 Ratio=1.5
4 = 3.0 Ratio=1.6666666666666667
5 = 5.0 Ratio=1.6
6 = 8.0 Ratio=1.625
7 = 13.0 Ratio=1.6153846153846154
8 = 21.0 Ratio=1.619047619047619
9 = 34.0 Ratio=1.6176470588235294
10 = 55.0 Ratio=1.6181818181818182
11 = 89.0 Ratio=1.6179775280898876
12 = 144.0 Ratio=1.6180555555555556
13 = 233.0 Ratio=1.6180257510729614
14 = 377.0 Ratio=1.6180371352785146
15 = 610.0 Ratio=1.618032786885246
16 = 987.0 Ratio=1.618034447821682
17 = 1597.0 Ratio=1.6180338134001253
18 = 2584.0 Ratio=1.618034055727554
19 = 4181.0 Ratio=1.6180339631667064
20 = 6765.0 Ratio=1.6180339985218033
21 = 10946.0 Ratio=1.618033985017358
22 = 17711.0 Ratio=1.6180339901755971
23 = 28657.0 Ratio=1.618033988205325
24 = 46368.0 Ratio=1.618033988957902
25 = 75025.0 Ratio=1.6180339886704431
26 = 121393.0 Ratio=1.6180339887802426
27 = 196418.0 Ratio=1.618033988738303
28 = 317811.0 Ratio=1.6180339887543225
29 = 514229.0 Ratio=1.6180339887482036
30 = 832040.0 Ratio=1.6180339887505408
31 = 1346269.0 Ratio=1.6180339887496482
32 = 2178309.0 Ratio=1.618033988749989
33 = 3524578.0 Ratio=1.618033988749859
34 = 5702887.0 Ratio=1.6180339887499087
35 = 9227465.0 Ratio=1.6180339887498896
36 = 1.4930352E7 Ratio=1.618033988749897
37 = 2.4157817E7 Ratio=1.618033988749894
38 = 3.9088169E7 Ratio=1.6180339887498951
39 = 6.3245986E7 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
40 = 1.02334155E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
41 = 1.65580141E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
42 = 2.67914296E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
43 = 4.33494437E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
44 = 7.01408733E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
45 = 1.13490317E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
46 = 1.836311903E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
47 = 2.971215073E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
48 = 4.807526976E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
49 = 7.778742049E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
50 = 1.2586269025E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
51 = 2.0365011074E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
52 = 3.2951280099E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
53 = 5.3316291173E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
54 = 8.6267571272E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
55 = 1.39583862445E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
56 = 2.25851433717E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
57 = 3.65435296162E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
58 = 5.91286729879E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
59 = 9.56722026041E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
60 = 1.54800875592E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
61 = 2.504730781961E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
62 = 4.052739537881E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
63 = 6.557470319842E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
64 = 1.0610209857723E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
65 = 1.7167680177565E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
66 = 2.7777890035288E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
67 = 4.4945570212853E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
68 = 7.2723460248141E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
69 = 1.17669030460994E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
70 = 1.90392490709135E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
71 = 3.08061521170129E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
72 = 4.98454011879264E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
73 = 8.06515533049393E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
74 = 1.304969544928657E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
75 = 2.11148507797805E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
76 = 3.416454622906707E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
77 = 5.527939700884757E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
78 = 8.944394323791464E15 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
79 = 1.447233402467622E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
80 = 2.3416728348467684E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
81 = 3.7889062373143904E16 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
82 = 6.1305790721611584E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
83 = 9.9194853094755488E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
84 = 1.60500643816367072E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
85 = 2.5969549691112256E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
86 = 4.2019614072748966E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
87 = 6.7989163763861222E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
88 = 1.10008777836610189E18 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
89 = 1.77997941600471398E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
90 = 2.880067194370816E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
91 = 4.6600466103755305E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
92 = 7.5401138047463465E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
93 = 1.2200160415121877E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
94 = 1.9740274219868226E19 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
95 = 3.19404346349901E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
96 = 5.168070885485833E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
97 = 8.362114348984843E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
98 = 1.3530185234470676E20 Ratio=1.618033988749895
99 = 2.189229958345552E20 Ratio=1.618033988749895

Make no meaning 20102013

The gospels of peace in the charcuterie of mayhem had this tremendous epitome with which to dilute the sygmatic effect of a reciprocate being in the mutilated state of consciousness and to the traditionalised in the most remarkable of ways it is by far the world of sexual being and the water that flows within and without we droop it up.

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Words destroy the feelings

If only we could communicate in a more natural ways.

This was one of the thought that came to me while I was interacting with persons of different cultural upbringing than mine. And since I am born in humanity that has a common bonding because of our common source, I can more than assume that most of you reading this post would agree to me

Although written and verbal ways of communication are the most reliable ways of human communication because they remove any ambiguity because any word written or spoken has a meaning which is clearly defined in the language it is spoken. But this type of communication comes with a natural drawback, the scope of these languages are rrestricted by what is defined in the language itself.

But humans interaction and verbose is a universal language any may not be captured by human experiments in language.

A simple way of understanding this is to imagine this is that you were in the middle of 9/11 destruction which you saw. And later on you read the narration in newspaper and do not get the same feelings. Or you try to explain what you went through that day and you are now not able to explain your feelings. But when you meet someone who was with you on that day, you can just look at each other, you both don’t have to speak a words. You both can then interact through the common feeling. And the tears that will roll down your cheeks will be an expression of your true communication.

To sum up my point, true human interaction can never be replaced by a man made one if we want really want to feel the love and humanity around us. This is the only interaction that will give us happiness.

Quantum thinking

So we thought we decide the flow of life. What if we were not living (life) rather experiencing it.

Quantum physics says one influences the results of an experiment by merely viewing the quantum specimen of the experiment. We cannot see the quantum particles ssimilarly we do not see our thoughts but they are all around us. Could it be that we can influence the outcome of our life events as it unfolds by just thinking about the various possibilities? Because we may never know by scientific logic why this may happen in our lifetime isn’t it worth while just believing.

Isn’t it natural that the first thought we get when we are thinking of possibilities are negative thoughts. Could it be natural tendency embedded in our primitive mind as a natural guard against quantum negative possibilities.

Does that mean being sceptic is a natural survival tactic and by being too positive we may be influencing a rather positive outcome.

Now here’s the most ironic thought. Do you want to believe me and become a sceptic? Or by thinking about it haven’t you influenced a possible outcome of you turning into sceptic.

May be you shouldn’t have read this blog 🙂