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Words destroy the feelings

If only we could communicate in a more natural ways.

This was one of the thought that came to me while I was interacting with persons of different cultural upbringing than mine. And since I am born in humanity that has a common bonding because of our common source, I can more than assume that most of you reading this post would agree to me

Although written and verbal ways of communication are the most reliable ways of human communication because they remove any ambiguity because any word written or spoken has a meaning which is clearly defined in the language it is spoken. But this type of communication comes with a natural drawback, the scope of these languages are rrestricted by what is defined in the language itself.

But humans interaction and verbose is a universal language any may not be captured by human experiments in language.

A simple way of understanding this is to imagine this is that you were in the middle of 9/11 destruction which you saw. And later on you read the narration in newspaper and do not get the same feelings. Or you try to explain what you went through that day and you are now not able to explain your feelings. But when you meet someone who was with you on that day, you can just look at each other, you both don’t have to speak a words. You both can then interact through the common feeling. And the tears that will roll down your cheeks will be an expression of your true communication.

To sum up my point, true human interaction can never be replaced by a man made one if we want really want to feel the love and humanity around us. This is the only interaction that will give us happiness.


Quantum thinking

So we thought we decide the flow of life. What if we were not living (life) rather experiencing it.

Quantum physics says one influences the results of an experiment by merely viewing the quantum specimen of the experiment. We cannot see the quantum particles ssimilarly we do not see our thoughts but they are all around us. Could it be that we can influence the outcome of our life events as it unfolds by just thinking about the various possibilities? Because we may never know by scientific logic why this may happen in our lifetime isn’t it worth while just believing.

Isn’t it natural that the first thought we get when we are thinking of possibilities are negative thoughts. Could it be natural tendency embedded in our primitive mind as a natural guard against quantum negative possibilities.

Does that mean being sceptic is a natural survival tactic and by being too positive we may be influencing a rather positive outcome.

Now here’s the most ironic thought. Do you want to believe me and become a sceptic? Or by thinking about it haven’t you influenced a possible outcome of you turning into sceptic.

May be you shouldn’t have read this blog 🙂

Why was God created?

Our society has one binding factor and that is that most of us believe in God. There will not be anyone in this world who hasn’t heard of God.

There are numerous theories on how was God created? Some of these are as enterprising as arguing that God may be the king of an alien race that came to earth and tamed humans. This is the most physical of descriptions about God. But in most societies and religion God is more spiritual than physical. We mostly represent God in human form. Most of the gods are from our ordinary earthlings. God may have been created out of princes, kings, paupers, travellers to name a few. Some Hindu and Greek gods are also from heavens unlike most gods created out of ordinary human beings. And we don’t stop there we create new gods every century. We also create new religions with our own set of God’s and rules. That brings to my topic of discussion who do most humans need God?
God to me is the unknown and therefore god is everywhere. Because we will never findout why we were created therefore we will never findout why god is created. We may argue that god was created to represent hope. To some degree that may seem true because when are in distress the first thing we think of is God please save us this time. As if talking to someone and asking for remorse for our sins or we think of God asking to help us when everything else doesn’tt seem to work for us.

So is that why God was created? To be that unknown but one that all of us can connect to because that one is the source of everything that is around us. Is that why we talk to God in distress i.e. To connect to the one and resolve our source of distress and issue.

The fact is that we maynot ever know why? But we know how to connect to god, the power of supreme truth and I think that is what matters.

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The 90 percentage

We are a worried lot. We worry about everything that is in front of us from families to career to children to their future to our future to our country to our sports to about absolutely anything.

We are even worried about getting worried. 

It absolutely doesn’t make sense because in an entire day we actually face the things that we are worried about for less than 10% of our day. For the rest 90% of our day there is nothing to be actually worried about.

We have to learn to live our day not as a entire unit i.e. one complete day. This is because situations change each moment. We have bad moments in a day but never always an entire bad day.

We have to learn to quarantine our bad moments in a day and make sure that it does not affects the good moments. And when you start living the 90% then you will start enjoying life even in those not so good 10%.

When our dreams become bigger than our realities!

Everybody have their dreams and everybody have their realities. Realities are what you have with you and dream are what you desire to possess. Desire is obviously driven by the fact that we are humans and we are here on earth to desire and achieve. Without desires there is no life and no progress. So I am not going to dwell down the path of discussing why do we desire, rather in this blog entry I am going to talk about our dreams and our realities, and more importantly I am going to talk about when to stop dreaming and start living in reality.

There is always a balance in life that one has to achieve in order to live life more naturally and to enjoy life as it comes to us. This balance has to be maintained in a whole gamut of life activities. The balance has to be even more strict and scaled between your dreams and your realities.

A person can be in completely different state of mind and consciousness based what is the ratio of dreams you are holding as against the realities that you hold. It’s actually hard to quantify the ratio, but the idea should be clear. The ratio can never be 1. This is because in that case you do not have any dreams unfulfilled which is not a healthy state of being.

When you dream less than your current reality that may be called a state of subdued satisfaction, and this is not a very good state of mind either because this can lead to physical and mental illness as a person in this state of mind may even suffer from depression.

The jolly good desired state of mind is then having dreams bigger and larger than your current realities and that is where the real fight begins in our lives. This is the state of mind that is the cause of most of the human progress and the subsequent degeneration of the mind and other malicious side effects that follow.

We all live in castles of our dreams where in we plan not just future lives but our present as well. And sometimes as we dream we become more disconnected from our realities. This is the irony of dreaming that the very dreams that you want to fulfill in your real life and become more powerful than your realities themselves. You now no longer want to wake up and embrace reality as you have created it; off course using your dreams as a template. But now you want to dream more, even as your dreams have turned into a reality.

You at this stage have entered a matrix of dilemmas that are sorrowful labyrinthine in their character. This is an ineffably sorrow state that you are in. This is worse than the addiction of earthly substances. But the denouement is that you realize that you are in a deeper than the deepest depth in this universe, you are being drowned in the depths of your mind! Only a couple few are able to being conscious in this  natural drama that is being played on you.

But one who can differentiate between his dream and his realities and those who can give more importance to their realities will be the one who will really taste a divine success. The success of achieving consciousness over mind.

– vishal

Do it with passion or else don’t do!

So you have been living on this planet for many years. You may be of any age 20s, 30s 40s or 90s. You would have enjoyed life, struggled in your daily ways and you would have had fun with it. But as you would have lived live and continue to live it, you may at time feel that something is missing; something that is the difference between a super and an ordinary life.

You will find people who are out there in the universe and are bubbling with life. They are everywhere around you to inspire and be followed as examples.What is that makes these people as shining examples for every one to dole upon and admire? There are countless characteristics we may admire in them, but if you look closer there is just one that is common to all of them. They live each moment with ‘Passion’. ‘Passion’ is the alixir for a super life. The people of passion do everything they do with passion, any thing they put their hands on, they just don’t do it; they do it with all their effort single minded on the task. These people will bring the extra fuel in doing things. They will do it with the zeal and enthusiasm that will bring so much life to the task and their work environment that you will actually be able to see the energy ring that will surround the whole work place. They will create ‘positive chaos’ and they will challenge entropy so much that you can visually experience the churning and buzzing all around the place.

But how can you become such a ‘bubble buzzle’ to create such a level of energy all around you at most of the time. Here are some pointers that may help:

  • Do not take foot in the tasks that you do not like; be choosy where ever you can be. Do tasks that interests you if you have the choice.
  • If you do not have the choice of the type of task that you have to do, this is your opportunity to do something new; find out the real reason you want to shy away from doing it.
  • Most of the time the reason is that you are scared to do take a task because it involves new skills that you do not possess. If that is the case, this is your golden opportunity and don’t let it go. Take that task and learn new things
  • If you don’t want to take a task because it’s so trivial and mechanical. The reason why you should do it is because now you will have the opportunity to become an expert in that task
  • There are always reason why you should be passionate to do a task.Find your reason!
  • If you don’t know something, there is nothing to hide from and especially from yourself, it’s time to learn and conquer
  • Involve people in what you are doing and talk about what you are doing to anyone you meet. Market and publicise your current activities and achievements
  • Remember you are not bragging when you are talking about something you are so much passionate about, so don’t shy away from showcasing your achievements and talents
  • Feel proud about the task you are doing
  • Become an expert in the task you are doing
  • Time target the finish of the task and challenge yourself each day
  • Have a fulfilling day, be super engaged in the activity and then go home for a well-earned rest and somber

You just have to walk 20 percent faster than your normal pace and the confidence will just flow in automatically in you!

– vishal akhouri