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Fibonacci and Golden Ratio – Phi

Here’s some facts:

  • Fibonacci number is the sequence of numbers found in nature and naural processes
  • The ratio of two adjacent Fibonacci number becomes closer to 1.618 (phi) as we move higher in the Fibonacci series

Here’s my java program to print first 99 Fibonacci numbers:

public class Fibonaci {

public static void main(String[] args) {
double fib[] = new double[102] ;
fib[0] = 0;
fib[1] = 1;
for (int i=0; i <100 ;i++) {
fib[i+2] = fib[i] + fib[i+1];
System.out.println(“Fibonnaci Numbers”);
for (int i=1; i <100 ;i++) {
System.out.println(i+” = “+ fib[i] + ” Ratio=”+fib[i+1]/fib[i]);


And here are the first 99 Fibonacci Numbers and their ratios:

Fibonnaci Numbers
1 = 1.0 Ratio=1.0
2 = 1.0 Ratio=2.0
3 = 2.0 Ratio=1.5
4 = 3.0 Ratio=1.6666666666666667
5 = 5.0 Ratio=1.6
6 = 8.0 Ratio=1.625
7 = 13.0 Ratio=1.6153846153846154
8 = 21.0 Ratio=1.619047619047619
9 = 34.0 Ratio=1.6176470588235294
10 = 55.0 Ratio=1.6181818181818182
11 = 89.0 Ratio=1.6179775280898876
12 = 144.0 Ratio=1.6180555555555556
13 = 233.0 Ratio=1.6180257510729614
14 = 377.0 Ratio=1.6180371352785146
15 = 610.0 Ratio=1.618032786885246
16 = 987.0 Ratio=1.618034447821682
17 = 1597.0 Ratio=1.6180338134001253
18 = 2584.0 Ratio=1.618034055727554
19 = 4181.0 Ratio=1.6180339631667064
20 = 6765.0 Ratio=1.6180339985218033
21 = 10946.0 Ratio=1.618033985017358
22 = 17711.0 Ratio=1.6180339901755971
23 = 28657.0 Ratio=1.618033988205325
24 = 46368.0 Ratio=1.618033988957902
25 = 75025.0 Ratio=1.6180339886704431
26 = 121393.0 Ratio=1.6180339887802426
27 = 196418.0 Ratio=1.618033988738303
28 = 317811.0 Ratio=1.6180339887543225
29 = 514229.0 Ratio=1.6180339887482036
30 = 832040.0 Ratio=1.6180339887505408
31 = 1346269.0 Ratio=1.6180339887496482
32 = 2178309.0 Ratio=1.618033988749989
33 = 3524578.0 Ratio=1.618033988749859
34 = 5702887.0 Ratio=1.6180339887499087
35 = 9227465.0 Ratio=1.6180339887498896
36 = 1.4930352E7 Ratio=1.618033988749897
37 = 2.4157817E7 Ratio=1.618033988749894
38 = 3.9088169E7 Ratio=1.6180339887498951
39 = 6.3245986E7 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
40 = 1.02334155E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
41 = 1.65580141E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
42 = 2.67914296E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
43 = 4.33494437E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
44 = 7.01408733E8 Ratio=1.618033988749895
45 = 1.13490317E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
46 = 1.836311903E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
47 = 2.971215073E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
48 = 4.807526976E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
49 = 7.778742049E9 Ratio=1.618033988749895
50 = 1.2586269025E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
51 = 2.0365011074E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
52 = 3.2951280099E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
53 = 5.3316291173E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
54 = 8.6267571272E10 Ratio=1.618033988749895
55 = 1.39583862445E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
56 = 2.25851433717E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
57 = 3.65435296162E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
58 = 5.91286729879E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
59 = 9.56722026041E11 Ratio=1.618033988749895
60 = 1.54800875592E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
61 = 2.504730781961E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
62 = 4.052739537881E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
63 = 6.557470319842E12 Ratio=1.618033988749895
64 = 1.0610209857723E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
65 = 1.7167680177565E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
66 = 2.7777890035288E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
67 = 4.4945570212853E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
68 = 7.2723460248141E13 Ratio=1.618033988749895
69 = 1.17669030460994E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
70 = 1.90392490709135E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
71 = 3.08061521170129E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
72 = 4.98454011879264E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
73 = 8.06515533049393E14 Ratio=1.618033988749895
74 = 1.304969544928657E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
75 = 2.11148507797805E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
76 = 3.416454622906707E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
77 = 5.527939700884757E15 Ratio=1.618033988749895
78 = 8.944394323791464E15 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
79 = 1.447233402467622E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
80 = 2.3416728348467684E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
81 = 3.7889062373143904E16 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
82 = 6.1305790721611584E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
83 = 9.9194853094755488E16 Ratio=1.618033988749895
84 = 1.60500643816367072E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
85 = 2.5969549691112256E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
86 = 4.2019614072748966E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
87 = 6.7989163763861222E17 Ratio=1.618033988749895
88 = 1.10008777836610189E18 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
89 = 1.77997941600471398E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
90 = 2.880067194370816E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
91 = 4.6600466103755305E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
92 = 7.5401138047463465E18 Ratio=1.618033988749895
93 = 1.2200160415121877E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
94 = 1.9740274219868226E19 Ratio=1.6180339887498947
95 = 3.19404346349901E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
96 = 5.168070885485833E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
97 = 8.362114348984843E19 Ratio=1.618033988749895
98 = 1.3530185234470676E20 Ratio=1.618033988749895
99 = 2.189229958345552E20 Ratio=1.618033988749895


Indian passport for new born baby in Australia

Here are easy steps to get Indian passport for your new born in Australia valid as of today 23 March 2013-

1) Get your birth registration certificate from Australian registry of birth; you will need to fill a form either online at for Victoria at and there are similar sites for other states or fill a form and post it to the designated post office. Ideally you should get your baby’s birth registration certificate in 2 weeks time by registered post.

2) Once you have the birth certificate; next step is to take photo copies of the following documents:
– Your passport (first five pages and last 3 pages plus you VISA Stamping page if you have one)
– Your spouse passport (first five pages and last 3 pages plus you VISA Stamping page if you have one)
– Marriage certiificate
– Birth certificate of the baby which you got from Australian authority

3) Get all those photo copies of the documents attested by Justice of Peace in your area (for Victoria your can go to the following site to find the Justice of Peace nearer to your post code –
– Call and book an appointment with Justice of Peace in your area to get the above documents attested

4) Now you need to fill some forms to apply for first passport for minor (under 15) plus you also need to get your baby’s birth registered with Indian Mission/

5) Apply online at Save the pdf generated and take print out of the pdf. Fill all the relevant details in the printed pdf form.
– In the application form, give the permanent address as Indian address (you will require to enclose a proof of permanent address if the address is not there in either of the parents passprt)
– In the application form, give the other address as the Australian address where you would like your passport to be delivered
– You will need to enclose a letter that you baby is too small to sign or give thumb impression and therefore you are signing on the baby’s behalf. Leave the space as blank in the form where it mentions Specimen signature/thumb impression of the applicant

6) Apart from the printed pdf form you will need to fill the following forms:
– Form U (One per person applying)
Form K (Application for Registration for Birth of a Child)
First Passport for a minor under 15 years Checklist

7) Get your baby’s passport photo clicked at a professional studio. You will require 3 passport photos of the baby along with the applciation
– Check this link for exact photo spec and let the photographer know these spec –

8)So to summarise these are the documents you willl need to submit for a new born Indian passport:
– Printed and completed pdf application form
– Form K
– Form U
– Passport checklist
– 3 passport photos of the baby
– supporting documents: your passport attested by JP (Justice of peace)
– supporting documents: your spouse passport attested by JP (Justice of peace)
– supporting documents: your marriage certificate attested by JP (Justice of peace)
– supporting documents: baby’s birth certificate attested by JP (Justice of peace)

9) And finally you can submit the application forms along with the documents by either post or in person. Check the link for the appropriate address:
– preferance will be to submit the application in person; VFS staff in that case will be able to verify your documents on the fly for obvious mistakes and you can rectify them there
– do ask for application reference number and register for SMS alert

10 ) You can track your application at the following link:

10) Ideally it should take 4-6 weeks for you to get your baby’s passport

Hope this information helps you with your baby’s passport application. Do visit the indian passport application site/VFS site in australia to check appropriate process because the process above can change from time to time. Do let me know if you find any discrepency in above information and leave your comments if you found the information useful.

Let’s Go Fishing!

Godzillas have wings so have dragons, but they don’t fly. Ostriches and penguins have wings too, but they don’t fly as well. Bumble bees should not be able to fly because scientists have proved that its body weight to wing span ratio is such that it cannot fly, but bumble bees does not know it, so it flies away.

There are many things we know and a lot more that we claim to know. There are things we know that may be proved wrong tomorrow. There are lots of things we experience and understand but we do not know. That is the world we live in. The only certain here is uncertainity itself.

I am a firm believer that its a magical world. A magical world is the certainity that things happen because of some laws, laws that we are not even slightly aware of. The most facinating thing that contradicts anything here, about everything being governed in our world by laws, well established laws are things that happen by chance. Those events we have no clues how to predict or map as a mathematical equation or something.

Who will win a particular game today? Which stock will do well in the stock exchange today? Who will win the elections this year? Whether you will survive the next moment? Where will the next volcano occur?

And most important of all, If I toss a coin will I get head or tail? Why is there a 50/50 chance?

So we fish around, trying to get knowledge where it does not exists and creating our own postulates? The bold ones will nobel prize true. But the fact may be that what all we know may come out to be absolutely wrong in light of a new postulate!

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Slow Down – Glimpses from the past

Past is never over until you meet it again.

Vishal Akhouri

We are in our current present because of our past and we will be in our future present because of our current present. We decide where we are gonna be and what we are gonna do in our future. And it’s all decided by our past, which happens to be our current present. Because whatever is our present is going to be our past some day. Effectively, there is nothing like present for that matter. Future also does not have much meaning. What is most stable is our past. Present and Future are just transitionary stages of life. They both are pseudo and they do not exist in our life.

People ask to live in the present. That is where we should concentrate if we want to remain happy. That may not be a great advice to give, simply because present does not exists. N one can prove that we are in the present because practically and theoretically if we decide to prove present exists, it will pass away simply because present is our past.

There is another angle to this argument and that’s related to relativity. Yes you heard it right relativity. The big idea here is one can prolong his present. So ultimately his present will become past but one can slow down so that we become so slow that our present prolongs to such small component of time that we can actually feel that time has stopped. And once you do that you will start living in the present in the true sense.

This means to begin with to pace down your biological clock. This means that you wait and watch the fly go past you before you come in its way. Such a life stlye has a enormous advantage. You gain control over your time, so when then happen you do not miss your train, buses or any other appointment.

You become master of your time. You become the clock rather than you being governed by the clock or the time piece. Nature does not calculate in milli and microseconds. It calculates time with the pace of your heart and the sound of the birds or buzz of the bees.

You don’t have to be in a hurry. You will not lose time. Gain control over time. Stop being a slave of the time.

Practical advice: learn tai-chi. Device your own way, you don’t have to be told or taught. Just because know one how to do a particular thing that does not mean that you should not try to learn how to do it. Be a pioneer, device your own way that works for you.

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From Ordinary to Glory

Right now, you are caught in the web of life, you are caught in your wishes and desire; and that is what drives your life and creates the world for you accordingly. You believe in some things, and you want to believe in something more. But then you strike a dead block in life; you hit the dead end. If you realise that you have hit the dead end, then only you can move forward, then only you can get over things and thing differently and when I say differently I really mean differently. You cannot use the know templates of living a life as your guide anymore. You have to think out of box, or as they call it.

And if you start doing this, you will be among the very few who are able to do it. They create examples and templates for other not so fortunate people to think and live a life. The joy of thinking differently is just overwhelming. It is the joy that surpasses any other. It is a joy that will help you to lead a fabulous life. It is a joy that will overwhelm you as you understand that you understand how it works.

There are actually infinite ways; you will need to choose the best one for you. You can choose whatever space-time you want to hang on to as a physicist will say. Here’s my take on space-time, there are definite laws that govern our universe. Earlier astronomer put humans at the centre of the universe, later they postulated Earth as the centre of the universe until Copernicus proved that physically Earth revolves around the centre of the Sun so Earth is just a planet and definitely not centre of the physical universe. Now things have started to change with Einstein and a few other thinkers bringing in the concept of the “fuzzy” Quantum Theory. This talks a lot about fairy land universe that have characters and event like Schrödinger’s cat, which can be alive and dead at the same time. They talk about things being made of both matter and energy. They talk about parallel universe that may be just in from of us but not very visible to us, only if could travel in a different direction. So the point I am trying to put here is that we are governed by laws that are so weird even to think of, and these may actually be true. Just because we do not understand things, that does not mean they do not exist.

Just because somebody has not told prehistoric man the theory behind fire that did not stop him from lighting twigs with fire when he felt cold. I am suggesting us all to try to understand how things and situations work and we may gather knowledge that we cannot prove in theory but we will understand how it works and will be able to enlighten our knowledge by this practical knowledge and create a huge knowledge base of our own.

You do not need someone else to gather knowledge. It’s all there; we have till now only discovered knowledge. And we can never be able to invent knowledge because we have a reference and raw material given by nature to create new things or ideas. It’s all there in the universe. Its Lego blocks, now we just need to create something from it.

The challenge is to create something that does not already exist. Theoretically it is impossible to create something completely new though because as I already stated, we can only go by the reference provided by the universe and the raw material that already exists. And we may not need to create something that does not follow the reference and raw material that work in this universe, because if somehow managed to create something like that we may never find use of this in this universe. But it should not be our wish to create something so useless. There are so many things that will be relevant in this universe that we may create that has yet to be created. And that is what we are here for.

Creation from the prototype.

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