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Words destroy the feelings

If only we could communicate in a more natural ways.

This was one of the thought that came to me while I was interacting with persons of different cultural upbringing than mine. And since I am born in humanity that has a common bonding because of our common source, I can more than assume that most of you reading this post would agree to me

Although written and verbal ways of communication are the most reliable ways of human communication because they remove any ambiguity because any word written or spoken has a meaning which is clearly defined in the language it is spoken. But this type of communication comes with a natural drawback, the scope of these languages are rrestricted by what is defined in the language itself.

But humans interaction and verbose is a universal language any may not be captured by human experiments in language.

A simple way of understanding this is to imagine this is that you were in the middle of 9/11 destruction which you saw. And later on you read the narration in newspaper and do not get the same feelings. Or you try to explain what you went through that day and you are now not able to explain your feelings. But when you meet someone who was with you on that day, you can just look at each other, you both don’t have to speak a words. You both can then interact through the common feeling. And the tears that will roll down your cheeks will be an expression of your true communication.

To sum up my point, true human interaction can never be replaced by a man made one if we want really want to feel the love and humanity around us. This is the only interaction that will give us happiness.


Quantum thinking

So we thought we decide the flow of life. What if we were not living (life) rather experiencing it.

Quantum physics says one influences the results of an experiment by merely viewing the quantum specimen of the experiment. We cannot see the quantum particles ssimilarly we do not see our thoughts but they are all around us. Could it be that we can influence the outcome of our life events as it unfolds by just thinking about the various possibilities? Because we may never know by scientific logic why this may happen in our lifetime isn’t it worth while just believing.

Isn’t it natural that the first thought we get when we are thinking of possibilities are negative thoughts. Could it be natural tendency embedded in our primitive mind as a natural guard against quantum negative possibilities.

Does that mean being sceptic is a natural survival tactic and by being too positive we may be influencing a rather positive outcome.

Now here’s the most ironic thought. Do you want to believe me and become a sceptic? Or by thinking about it haven’t you influenced a possible outcome of you turning into sceptic.

May be you shouldn’t have read this blog ūüôā

Why was God created?

Our society has one binding factor and that is that most of us believe in God. There will not be anyone in this world who hasn’t heard of God.

There are numerous theories on how was God created? Some of these are as enterprising as arguing that God may be the king of an alien race that came to earth and tamed humans. This is the most physical of descriptions about God. But in most societies and religion God is more spiritual than physical. We mostly represent God in human form. Most of the gods are from our ordinary earthlings. God may have been created out of princes, kings, paupers, travellers to name a few. Some Hindu and Greek gods are also from heavens unlike most gods created out of ordinary human beings. And we don’t stop there we create new gods every century. We also create new religions with our own set of God’s and rules. That brings to my topic of discussion who do most humans need God?
God to me is the unknown and therefore god is everywhere. Because we will never findout why we were created therefore we will never findout why god is created. We may argue that god was created to represent hope. To some degree that may seem true because when are in distress the first thing we think of is God please save us this time. As if talking to someone and asking for remorse for our sins or we think of God asking to help us when everything else doesn’tt seem to work for us.

So is that why God was created? To be that unknown but one that all of us can connect to because that one is the source of everything that is around us. Is that why we talk to God in distress i.e. To connect to the one and resolve our source of distress and issue.

The fact is that we maynot ever know why? But we know how to connect to god, the power of supreme truth and I think that is what matters.

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Embrace uncertainty

October 14, 2011 1 comment

We live in a universe that is dynamic and ever-changing. This is a mysterious place to live in. A place where time is moving and is the unit of measurement for happenings.

In our universe, time is the unit of measurement for happenings.

– vishal akhouri

The thing that drives actions and in turn happenings in this universe is called desire. Every living being that dwell in this universe and more notably on our planet is a living being because of its desires. Desires drives and creates events or happenings that fill a life.

Life is therefore a product of events simulated by desires over a period of time which is called lifetime.

– vishal akhouri

So if you have very strong desires you are having a great life and if you do not have strong desires and are confused about the events in your life you are in turn not having a good life. A strong desire is called a passion. A passion for life can only be simulated by having a strong sense of being a strong desire to drive and fill your timeline in this universe with.

If you believe me there may be nothing like chance in this universe, there are just possibilities simulated by desires. The really happy and successful people in this universe are those who have had the privilege to experience a larger number of these possibilities than any average person and have consciously developed the habit of finding a way through a situations in life, be it a certain or an uncertain one. This is called experiences in life.

Any person can at any time start consciously enjoying each challenge that life throws by always keeping this fact at the top of our minds that we will continuously be put in completely alien situation requiring completely different and varied skills to succeed (this is our opportunity to live life). And this will happen to us not because we have hit bad luck or it is by some ill-fated chance. But It’s in fact the most natural progression in this universe.

You are being introduced to the new happenings and events as time flows. Remember time is the measurement of happenings in this universe and so as time flows it will introduce new happenings in you life. Time is the most prevalent and most active property of this universe. It is and will always be there. Our universe will cease to exist when time stops to exist.

Food for thought: Can you think of unit of measurements for happenings and events other than time (may be for some parallel universe)?

Universe in my definition is somethings which has happenings and events.

– vishal akhouri

So when you are introduced to uncertainty or an uncertain event you are being introduced to the most pure form of your interaction with the ultimate force. You are actually being asked to choose a possibility from the infinite available. There is no chance here, because whatever solution you choose for your uncertainty; you are choosing one of the possibility. Your choice is most likely to be driven by you desire, so effectively you create your future with your desire.

There is nothing more powerful and creative as uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty because this is the joy of living and your the path towards happiness flows through it. So next time you are faced with an uncertain future, be overjoyed because the universe is giving you a blank canvas to write your future with the power of your desires.

– vishal akhouri

Get A Life? Well, this is my life!

September 27, 2011 1 comment

Do you brag about the number of friends you have on a social network? Are you addicted to checking your facebook profile too often to the comfort of your spouse and family? Do you want to check your happiness parameter online? Does Zynga give your more joy than a live cricket or football match? Do you grow more wheat and maize on your farmville than the country like Ethiopia can ever produce?

And better still did you feel bad about not getting an invite for Google+ when you are already on a whole gamut of social networks from facebook to myspace and you are still acive on orkut as well. Gosh! you have appetite for even more! You are a social animal; you always needed a society. Only for the first time it is so much virtual but like others this new society is also so much alive with all the fun.

For the first time in the history of mankind, it is so easy to communicate with so many people at one go. For the first time, we can showcase our life to all or to the select few as we choose, and we can do it ourways. We are at equal footing to express ourselves and express ourselves to the amount we want. We are having a blast time, we are having a gala time in our lives. Suddenly we have so much to do and keep ourselves engaged at each second of the day. We can play, chat and ‚Äėlike‚Äô and showcase our life each day as we live it. We are creating an autobiography as we live our life.

This is the new way the world is more and more going to interact. There is no reason to shun this. There is no reason to shy away from this. This is the world that is here to stay so let’s embrace it with open heart. This is the world where there are no boundaries. This is the world that is for the first time equal. There are no rich or poor, there are no castes. This is the world where even the minority views are listened in the same forum. This is the world where corruption is being fought. This is the world where I belong and I am embraced. This is the world where I fly even when I have no wings.

This is my world and this is my new life. And I am logged in!

vishal akhouri

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It’s time to find new celebrations!

India celebrated it’s 64 years of independence¬†from British rule this year on 15 August. A lot of other countries like ours celebrate their independence or other historic events that happened a lot years before. The celebration of that date may have started with a right reason but is the reason still valid today? Is there any relevance celebrating a success of the past?¬†Is there any meaning waiting for the day to celebrate a happiness that¬†occured somewhere sometime? Is it worth the celebration and most importantly do we feel really overjoyed¬†and happy celebrating that day? Or have we become ¬†adult enough that our logic is too blinding for us to see any meaning in the celebration of the past?

But then I ask what is wrong in celebrating a triumph of the past if it gives us the opportunity to celebrate it with the broader community we live in? But does this happiness really flows in when a community celebration is going on? May be it does, but why do most of us not ride in it and bask in the joy of being there to celebrate it.

Lets try to go a little deep in this celebration thing! In fact¬†let’s go a little in our past when we were not this logical. Let’s go into the time when we did not question much based on logic, but questions were more regarding the curiosity of the world around us. They were more fundamental to the growth of human intellect than to just question the futility of a process that continues. The question in our younger youth were more to discover the world around us and mingle in the happiness that flows with it. Now our questions are more critical and mostly to find faults. Faults in ourselves, faults in what we believe in and faults in what others¬†believe in.¬†Now our questions are more negative!

But is there anything critically wrong¬† in our thinking as we grow? Isn’t it okay to actually not feel so overjoyed about the day when our country became Independent from a foreign rule that happened some more than half a century ago. May be we don’t relate to the cause anymore, we tend to forget.¬† Countries have been ruled by many foreign¬†rulers within a time¬†period spanning¬†many centuries; and people tend to forget so it may actually be alright to forget the last time we declared independence from a foreign rule.

No Patriotic Impact!

Patriotism is a symptom that can changes with time and situation.

– vishal akhouri


So it is perfectly alright to declare your own new celebration and wear it on your sleeves. You are the world and the country that you have the right to rule.

– vishal akhouri

Build a character

Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are the creator of the world, so why don’t you become the teacher for the future generations. You can create a potential in a man by just pointing it to him, people have to be told what they have the potential to become. We all generally lead a normal life until we face an extraordinary situation that cannot be tackled with normal means and once we face something like that, the only way to move forwards is to understand that we have to tackle our problems as they come. It is only when we do that we realise what all we can achieve. it is your world and it is your life all the way, so move forwards and experience the world and realise your potential and the potential of the men around you, working for you or working with you.

You have the responsibility to make people realise what their potential is and when you do that you unleash a whole new revolution that is sure to influence everyone everywhere.

Your treatment of people will have a great influence on what you want to achieve through your network.These are some of the helpful tips for creating a character of your own that is sure to influence anyone who knows you.

First, Know your cleaning lady i.e. know even the most unimportant person in your life; second, be helpful to everyone whenever they need your help; third, remember those who serve in some way or the other; fourth, every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our future; lastly, give when it counts, because that is when it is needed the most.

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