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How difficult is a change

Quite difficult. Or maybe it defends! Depends on what?  I would say a lot of factors. A person will be able push a lot of change in his life and society based on how desperate he has become to bring that change. It can at Times become very difficult because the person has not initiated anychange for a long time or even worse if he has never initiated any change in his entire life.

Change always bring refreshing change to lives of not only the person initiating the change but to all the the related people in his life.

To get started in the path of change start with simple changes. Once you have developed the culture of change in your lives you can iinitiate more bigger and fulfilling changes that will make your life look worthwhile living.

Take baby steps if you want. Learn to say yes for all the things that come as Options in your life. Once you perfect the art of change making your life will becone really fulfilling.

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Enter the Real World :)

When you are so much engrossed in your thought it can be intimidating to actually admit that you may be now be living in an enclosed castle of your own thoughts and your own dreams. Let’s take a radical step now. Let’s break this castle of our dreams. Let’s admit to ourselves that we have created false dreams and also false boundaries for ourselves and our imagination.

You may start by thinking that ‘hey! that is not true. I have lived like this since the time I remember. This is how things have worked for me, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my ways of life and thinking.” But take this thought, we have just one life to live. What if it is true, may be there is a real world out there. A world which is not ruled by me, but still is refreshing. A world where there are no boundaries, because our boundaries are created by our mind, there may be no bounding thought.

Let us enter another world, most likely the real world. It may be the most daunting and most difficult thing to do. Because now you will have to ask your mind to shut-up and ask your heart to open up infinitely.

How is this world like? This is the world where the bounded mind meets the infinite. This is the world where you act first before you think and even better you don’t think. This is the world with pure entropy of actions. There are no thoughts just pure interactions with others like us. This is the world in another dimension, and even science says that there are infinite universes around you. May be this is the truth science will ultimately discover or may be not. May be this is your chance to find a new world and new universe by just changing your ways of interaction with the world you know. May be this will create a new level, a new dimension for you.

You just have a lifetime to live, so do you want to experience what is yours for delight. The problem here is I in my present state of awareness am still to find a way into that level of sustained experience. We may experience that feeling at brief moments but we do not sustain that experience.

But here are some ways you may be able to achieve it and maintain it:

  • Stop your thoughts altogether, stop thinking, achieve it, or at least achieve singularity in your thought. You can use various meditation techniques or any of your techniques
  • Interact with the world around you, and that means interacting with real people
  • Become more spontaneous in your behaviour, if you are planning something, then do it now instead
  • Become more emotional and more kind towards the world, people and nature
  • Always think of new ways of having fun and enjoyment
  • Bring happiness to the world around you
  • Become most confident and have no fear of anyone or any situation
  • We are all equals and neither you are so low or the other so downtrodden
  • Make at least one friend a day, talk interact and explore their thoughts
  • Read books and articles that inspire and make you happy
  • Be enthusiatic about everthing small or big
  • Bring out the passion and zeal in what ever you are doing
  • Do it now, whatever you have been planning
  • Interact with every one around and keep a smile on your face always from your heart
  • Start listening to your heart more than your mind

Get out of your shell and enter the real world now! It’s time.

vishal akhouri

Embrace uncertainty

October 14, 2011 1 comment

We live in a universe that is dynamic and ever-changing. This is a mysterious place to live in. A place where time is moving and is the unit of measurement for happenings.

In our universe, time is the unit of measurement for happenings.

– vishal akhouri

The thing that drives actions and in turn happenings in this universe is called desire. Every living being that dwell in this universe and more notably on our planet is a living being because of its desires. Desires drives and creates events or happenings that fill a life.

Life is therefore a product of events simulated by desires over a period of time which is called lifetime.

– vishal akhouri

So if you have very strong desires you are having a great life and if you do not have strong desires and are confused about the events in your life you are in turn not having a good life. A strong desire is called a passion. A passion for life can only be simulated by having a strong sense of being a strong desire to drive and fill your timeline in this universe with.

If you believe me there may be nothing like chance in this universe, there are just possibilities simulated by desires. The really happy and successful people in this universe are those who have had the privilege to experience a larger number of these possibilities than any average person and have consciously developed the habit of finding a way through a situations in life, be it a certain or an uncertain one. This is called experiences in life.

Any person can at any time start consciously enjoying each challenge that life throws by always keeping this fact at the top of our minds that we will continuously be put in completely alien situation requiring completely different and varied skills to succeed (this is our opportunity to live life). And this will happen to us not because we have hit bad luck or it is by some ill-fated chance. But It’s in fact the most natural progression in this universe.

You are being introduced to the new happenings and events as time flows. Remember time is the measurement of happenings in this universe and so as time flows it will introduce new happenings in you life. Time is the most prevalent and most active property of this universe. It is and will always be there. Our universe will cease to exist when time stops to exist.

Food for thought: Can you think of unit of measurements for happenings and events other than time (may be for some parallel universe)?

Universe in my definition is somethings which has happenings and events.

– vishal akhouri

So when you are introduced to uncertainty or an uncertain event you are being introduced to the most pure form of your interaction with the ultimate force. You are actually being asked to choose a possibility from the infinite available. There is no chance here, because whatever solution you choose for your uncertainty; you are choosing one of the possibility. Your choice is most likely to be driven by you desire, so effectively you create your future with your desire.

There is nothing more powerful and creative as uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty because this is the joy of living and your the path towards happiness flows through it. So next time you are faced with an uncertain future, be overjoyed because the universe is giving you a blank canvas to write your future with the power of your desires.

– vishal akhouri

It’s time to find new celebrations!

India celebrated it’s 64 years of independence from British rule this year on 15 August. A lot of other countries like ours celebrate their independence or other historic events that happened a lot years before. The celebration of that date may have started with a right reason but is the reason still valid today? Is there any relevance celebrating a success of the past? Is there any meaning waiting for the day to celebrate a happiness that occured somewhere sometime? Is it worth the celebration and most importantly do we feel really overjoyed and happy celebrating that day? Or have we become  adult enough that our logic is too blinding for us to see any meaning in the celebration of the past?

But then I ask what is wrong in celebrating a triumph of the past if it gives us the opportunity to celebrate it with the broader community we live in? But does this happiness really flows in when a community celebration is going on? May be it does, but why do most of us not ride in it and bask in the joy of being there to celebrate it.

Lets try to go a little deep in this celebration thing! In fact let’s go a little in our past when we were not this logical. Let’s go into the time when we did not question much based on logic, but questions were more regarding the curiosity of the world around us. They were more fundamental to the growth of human intellect than to just question the futility of a process that continues. The question in our younger youth were more to discover the world around us and mingle in the happiness that flows with it. Now our questions are more critical and mostly to find faults. Faults in ourselves, faults in what we believe in and faults in what others believe in. Now our questions are more negative!

But is there anything critically wrong  in our thinking as we grow? Isn’t it okay to actually not feel so overjoyed about the day when our country became Independent from a foreign rule that happened some more than half a century ago. May be we don’t relate to the cause anymore, we tend to forget.  Countries have been ruled by many foreign rulers within a time period spanning many centuries; and people tend to forget so it may actually be alright to forget the last time we declared independence from a foreign rule.

No Patriotic Impact!

Patriotism is a symptom that can changes with time and situation.

– vishal akhouri


So it is perfectly alright to declare your own new celebration and wear it on your sleeves. You are the world and the country that you have the right to rule.

– vishal akhouri

Anger’s a therapy!

February 22, 2011 2 comments

We all think of anger as a negative feeling that needs to be treated with disgust and at all times avoided. Anger is always treated as psychological case that should be vented out with caution and should not lead to aggression and negatives feelings. We have read countless literature on managing our anger and to make positive use of it.

Most of the time anger is not understood in its enterity and therefore a single solution is suggested to overcome ones anger. We are taught and lectured methods to vent our anger in positive ways so that we do not radiate negative energy and so that we do not harm others in the process. The whole intention till now have been to see anger, which is an integral part of human emotion as is kindness and gratitude, as most negative emotion, to subjugate it, to kill it and to somehow do everything in our disposal to stop ourselves from not becoming angry.

The basic reason for this outburst against anger is the human’s civilisation enigmatic hypocrisy for goodness. In this mad race to make our civilisation more and more good and nice and to generate more feel good factor, we forget that there are some basic human characteristics that is the blueprint of human character that is intrinsic to humans. There has to be some meaning why we are allowed to be angry (nobody actually thinks that it may be very important to be angry for a good emotional and psychological health).

Anger like love is one of the few characteristic that is found in all the living creatures on Earth. This means that Anger comes from the blueprint of character of anything living. Anger is something that every living being inherits and exhibits. This brings us to the point I want to state:

Be angry with someone, if you cannot forgive; and if that makes you feel good!

– vishal akhouri

Because of our traditional neglect for anger, we may find it hard to understand and comprehend, how can anger make us feel good. But if you forget all the negativity that have been wrapped around anger over the centuries then you will understand that my assertion, ‘Anger really makes you feel good’. It can make you delighted, you don’t have to be remorseful even if you vent your anger in the most vulgar manner. If you are angry with someone, you deserve to vent it on her with all the negativity that she deserves. There is no reason for being subtle and articulate in venting your anger. You can swear at her, call her vulgar names as well, if that makes you feel good. You can do whatever you want to do, even ‘puke’ on her if you want. She has done you bad and she deserves it. And I assure you it will make you feel really good.

Anger serves a lot of purposes, apart from the most obvious ones. It helps you overcome any failures in life. It helps you move on. It helps you clear your mind of lot of clutter. It helps you see greener things in life. It makes you more confident. It helps you feel the energy in you. It can make your life very simple because it’s all in the mind; so flush out your mind!

You have the right to be angry and vent it to the person who caused you so much pain. It’s time you paid back. There are no moral strings attached, but caution should be exercised not to make things more difficult for yourself. Because the main reason why you should be angry is to make yourself happy. So become angry and exhibit anger, if it makes your life more simple and enjoyable to live.

Anger is not a problem, anger is a therapy for your problems. Anger is not about being aggressive. Anger is about being proactive it’s not about being timid and finding faults in ourselves first, when the real fault is with somebody who has caused us such grave pain. Anger should be outbound in order to be therapeutic. One word of caution though you should never being  angry at yourself because you can never be wrong.

Be angry, be happy!

– vishal akhouri

Sleep more. Dream more!

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

Ernest Hemingway

We are not machines but we have organs in our bodies that perform tasks and therefore needs rest. So we sleep and let the natural processes overtake us and rejuvenate for a new day. Sleep is a really intriguing process because apart from its obvious physical significance in our lives, it has a thinking angle, an enigma about which little is known.

The mind , never sleeps when we are asleep, so what does the mind do when it not asleep. A mind can never stop thinking so what do we do when we asleep. What are we thinking about and why? Sleeping is good for this reason as well because the process of thinking is more imaginative when we are asleep than we are awake. Now, the creation of the Universe is not possible without the mind entering into it. It’s the mind that add spice to things, so sleeping may even be creating this process of evolution. The more thinking minds in this universe the more rapid is the evolution and process towards an awakening of consciousness.

We may all be sleeping at the moment, and that is what may be the biggest reason we are here for. So sleeping is a necessary evil that needs to be reinforced even if we are the sacrificial goats in the evolution. We may be just be minds and that may be the only purpose that we are supposed to serve in this Universe.

So if you are sleeping more, you are doing a divine duty. Some of these ideas may be incomprehensible if we are not in the same wavelength and for this awakening to happen one has to believe in the magic that is the Universe and then there will be nothing that can stop you from sleeping more and dreaming more because that is where you get the real happiness. Tell me one person who does not feel refreshed after a real good sleep!

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Google: A text box and a button

We all love ‘Google’ now just because there is no better search product in the market at the moment, not also because there results returned are the best and most relevant, not also because we want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. But if not for any other reason, why is Google what it is now.

My best guess is: It’s just a text box and button. And it came up with this simplicity first.

Google is famous because it’s just a text box and button!

vishal akhouri

This argument may seem to be a little weird considering that corporation spend multi-million dollars on their web interface to come up with some cool design. And here is an organisation that’s taking the world and the stock markets around the world by storm, just because it used the most basic of webpage inputs. An input box to take inputs and a button to submit the query request.

Google may be indexing the entire web at its back ends using its ultra sophisticated web search robots, it may be putting the best algorithms in places to increase the performance of its searches in micro seconds. It may be using the algorithms and social interaction research in places to keep users hooked on to its results. It may be the most innovative company to come up with the latest innovation in every area of web related interaction. But the real success of Google to the consumer is only because of its simplicity of design.

It’s the simplicity of Google pages and it’s resistance not to add garbage and other links to its home page keeps its going and makes it the undisputed leader in website hits, so much so that Google is now the home page of most of the web browsers in the world by choice and not by force and is done by the products manufacturers and that is indeed the single most testimony to Google’s success.