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In a blink! Awareness for life

You can gain enlightenment in a blink of a second. You can be aware at anytime. And that will happen whenever you decide. Once you do that you see the world and its people from another dimension. You will find yourself educated, the kind of pleasure you sometimes get when you know things that others are least aware of.

You don’t have to wait for years or you don’t have to wait till you get old for you to become enlightened. You can do it anytime you decided to get enlightened. You can get enlightened in nanoseconds of your time. You can get enlightened now. You can be the one, who will show the path to those who seek. You can be the angel in the lives of people who want miracles to happen to them because they are now too weak to take up the challenges posed my life. You can be the spark of happiness that can turn into a mass hysteria of giggle and laughter. You can be the one, if you are aware and remain aware.

Life should have no inhibitions and no constraints. And it is us who impose these restrictions in our life, by getting extra emotions and hanging on to the bitter experiences in life and considering it as a norm. When the dawn comes, darkness goes away. The challenge is not just to patiently wait for the darkness but also to see in the white light of the moon at night and see the beauty in the night and enjoy every moment of it.

There are situations where we feel our helplessness and we see no light in front of ourselves, that is because we have blindfolded our vision and we do not want to see for a solution, the better life is always there, the better life is life without any torture and emotional drama that is painful for our life. A good life is meaningful and helpful A good life is the charm and that creates a charisma for people who know how to get their new life back whenever they want in a blink.

Do never forget, you are never helpless because you have with you yourself. You have the power in you to change you current situation within seconds, because all these world and the situations in it are created by the mind. And this mind is yours so you can control it and use it to create a beautiful life in a blink. Do not let yourself be unhappy ever in life. Change your thinking and your life changes. You are not helpless because you control you mind.

It’s all in the mind!

vishal akhouri

Thank You! Target111 of completing 111 posts by 11.11.2010 is successful now. It has been the most important learning experience of my life till now, when I have really exerted myself to the max to complete a rather easy target, which became rather impossible as time passed and now finally today I complete my target just because I was determined to change the way I executed things in my life. Now things will be much different because of this achievement. It gives me a very important lesson, I can achieve anything despite, whatever, if I want to.