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What is the Purpose of life?

We grow, we learn and die, and then our children grow they learn the same things, some generations learn little different skills and then they die, for generations that is how we have functioned as a community. For centuries now, especially in the last 3000 years since we have records of our activities for this period in some form, we have recursively done this, creating a repository of learning in our universities, libraries and encyclopedias and in the human race itself (in sociocultural interactions and religion), . This is our intellectual capital. But some where down the centuries knowledge gets lost.

The Pyramids in Egypt or any wonders of the old world are beautiful and part of human curiosity since we started counting in ‘Anno Domini’. We fascinate because we want to know how it was built, who built it and why it was built. These were such big projects and would have cost so much resources to complete but why is that they have been lost completely under sand dunes  or forests of Cambodia or Columbia. Why is there no trace of the lost worlds beyond their boundaries? Why do we lose entire civilizations without a trace? Why is learning and unlearning of the entire human race so important?

We don’t know the purpose of building the Stonehenge, we don’t know who kept the heads at Eastern Island in Chile. We can just guess the reasons for these artifacts and why they were built at first place, and we have a science of archaeology for finding out the purpose and traces of these great civilizations who build Pyramids, who build the cities and towns of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, who build the towns of Mayan Civilisation and so on. We can just guess, what was in their mind and why did they fail?

Could something like happen to us so that we can forget everything, the great cities and monuments we have built and the great advances we have made in every sphere of life. We already have seen traces of things happening at Twin Towers in New York and the destruction of Buddha Statues at Kandahar. But these may just be some of the recent happening. Kings and Rulers who have conquered the length and breadth of the vast continents of earth, have destroyed a lot of beautiful building and other sources of human capital, including libraries and places of worship so much so that the entire knowledge of the civilization has been lost at times.

The movie “2012” depicts an apocalypse, where the entire earth is flooded and to add to dramatization just like the Noah’s Arks, modern and sophisticated arks are built by the countries to safe some of the rich people of the world. The point to be noted here is that they also try to save the works of art, more noticeably that of Da Vinci. And that scene sums it all. We have to prepare ourselves for contingency. The reason is that with each generation we cannot keep reinventing the wheel. We have to enhance the human race. We have to give them new skills to learn and not just teach them the old skills again and again.

A child learns at most times the same skills which his father/mother have learned and then becomes the father/mother himself and his children again learn the same skills. There is nothing completely new to learn within a span of a generation. However, there are sudden blasts of new exciting discoveries being made, such as the most recent one like the burst of the information age but none the less the pace of growth at most times remains the same static pace.

If you talk in terms of generations as one human race, human race learns and then the same knowledge is passed on to the new generation so that the human knowledge level remains at the same level after the death of the older generation. At some time there is a big catastrophe, and we lose the knowledge base of the entire community and then it takes centuries to come to the same level and then the process of maintaining the knowledge base and trying to maintain it and enhance it continues.

So we can actually see ourselves as knowledge carries and our tasks remains that of passing the knowledge to the new generation so that when we die we pass on the baton further.

But what is the purpose of doing it? Why are we doing this? Where does it ends? Where are we headed for?

Everything has purpose. Let’s see if the purpose is as trivial as survival itself. Humans have over the years suffered, because of a lot of things. Entire communities have died because of excessive cold and heat, diseases, lack of  food and water, natural disasters and natures fury. So to survive humans started hunting for food and to get clothing from animal hide, started farming to have a continuous food supply, invented the wheel and fire, developed communities, societies and religions to group people together, because they knew they can survive anything if they were together. They started understanding nature and how it works, so science and other knowledge studies were developed. Now we want to learn about space travel so that we can make an escape from this planet when time comes.

So could this be the purpose of life, and are we all aware of this ultimate purpose, maybe it’s there deeply rooted in our subconscious. But will it help if the entire Humanity understands this and avoids engaging in things that are of no consequence and will not be useful at all when the floods come in again.

But could the purpose be just to carry the cradle of life or can there be any other more divine purpose for us, and I mean this in the most physical of the sense, no spiritual pun intended!