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Start Thinking Beautiful!

To create the spectacle we all dream of, we have to just forget what we have been taught till now. You cannot start thinking and creating a new spectacular world without actually realising how being taught formally can actually decrease and restrict our thinking to the level of knowledge that we are taught formally. The rest of our lives we are merely unlearning so as to understand how to think beyound what has been formally taught to us.

It may be most empowering to create a fire on our own without using any match stick, and that certainly will do us much greater good than graduating from Havard or Cambridge. The most satifying of jobs are those that involve enterpreneral ability of an individual. That is when we are creating and not merely copying. That is when we are mostly doing meaningful work. And doing meaning meaning work is the most satifying of all human experiences. It is the gate way to infinite happiness. It leads us directly towards salvation.

Are you thinking beautiful!

vishal akhouri

Thinking becautiful is so empowering that it can blow your mind away. Thinking beautiful involves trasending the realms of purity of heart, it requires an individual to stop thinking negatively about anything and everything. It requires to stop any negative feelings about anyone, even if the feelings exists one needs to be aware of these feelings and then focus your mind in the positive aspect of it.

Happiness = Hope + Positive Attitude

vishal akhouri

Life is demanding and life is testing you with situations that demand you to remain positive with your ideas and be positive in any situation.

If you don’t give up, you can never fail.

If you are chasing beauty, you will never be bored.

If you have a beautiful mind, you will bring joy to everyone around you.

If your aim in life is to bring moments in everyone, which will cherish for ever,

you will always be happy.

vishal akhouri

Be the positive energy that will bring cheers to any where you go. Be a cloud in the life of people you know, so that you can bring them respite from the heat of the life. Be such a selfless creation that you burn yourself to make other happy. And then you will never have to search for happiness because then you will be the happpiness that people will search for!