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Tapestry of Wisdom

Are you wiser!

Do you have the wisdom to kill the whirlwind of facts and false pseudo knowledge that you are bombarded at times? I mean from people who claim to know everything, so they explain it to you and you remain unexplained. That all may seem fine if you are fine with it but if you want more from life and if you want to be able to counter such nonsence then you have to be more than ready. You have to be more argumentative than convincing at times because you have to shatter your adversary, i meant the other person.

You cannot be come master of all topic, if some one has told you so don’t believe him because any contructive argument can destroy the confidence of even the most knowledgable of prodigies because you just one convicing argument to do that. You have be judmental in what you hear. You should listen but not just listen to gain knowledge from what you hear, because most of the time the other person is talking crap. He may convincing in his arguments but he still will leave lot of unconvising and lose ends where he can be attacked and nailed.

You arguments may not be unconvincing just because you may have half knowledge or worst no knowledge to provide the argument which you are claiming at the moment. But there is one more reason that may the most supported supposition attackable, and that is the fact that all logic is based on some assumptions at most time, attack that assumption and you have you path towards pinning even the most acknowledged scholar.

Take an example of earth being round, now if you were to prove that earth were flat how will you go about it? Think and you can have most convining argument. Hint: People were as convinced some centuries ago that earth was flat as they are now that earth is not flat.

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