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Daily Guilty Pangs

We are not perfect, and believe me perfection is not what that should be chased in life. It is in fact quite boring to be completely perfect. And since none of us are perfectly perfect, so we makes mistakes and we feel guilty about things. These guilty feelings are a major part of our daily life, they give us ingredients to our mind to ponder upon and think all day, when we are not thinking anything constructive.

The list of things we feel guilty about is long, here’s a sample though:

  • Getting up late
  • procrastination
  • Not being Efficient
  • Being rude to others
  • Not being courteous to someone during our last meeting
  • Asking someone to the point of being considered as pushing
  • Not offering our bus/train seats to some lady/old person
  • Add any more to the list

We have to get over it, become a bit shameless, if that works for us. Once we overcome this mind consuming habit, next we need to cultivate the habit of asking.

In life, that include personal and professional, if you believe in this distinction, we get only the things we desire and they manifest physically if we ask for them to happen. For most of us this is not a natural way of living a life. Our upbringing is such that we are not trained to ask for things, we are instead taught to work and create them ourselves, which works to lead a decent life, but may not bring us riches. Most of us cannot ask continuously for things we desire. If our demands are not met and if asking if not part of our job or our culture, we give up to soon. So we ask a few times and then we wait longer and then may be we get it or may be we don’t. But then we feel guilty that we might be nagging and disturbing others and therefore we feel not good in asking. And the theory says that if you don’t ask you will not get it. So we at times do not get what we have asked for.

So with the guilt pangs gone, and with the tool of asking to make things happen imbedded in our psyche, we will be totally free to desire and then get anything we want.

Yes! Any thing.

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