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The Awakening

November 8, 2010 2 comments

We have to be told what’s good or bad in our life, we have to be made aware of the alternatives that exists in life. We have to be told what is better way of leading a life. And we have been told that across the century by learned men who have given us the enlightenment and given us a new way of leading the life. They have told us to follow the good path, they have told us to lead a life full of forgiveness, they have preached us to stay calm and help the needy and those who really need it.

But still we forget what is right for us and what is really the right thing to do in this life. We remain unconscious of our duties towards our lives, we remain in sleep and in deep slumber all the time. We lead a life without any real understanding of what we are here for and what is to be done in life. We are not awakened until we see the death in the face of it. And when the awakening happen, and for some it may never happen, there is no time to rectify the beautiful life we have messed up with all this time.

The biggest irony of this entire situation is that all the people in the world follow religions formed by learned men to keep us on track of righteousness and make the best use of our life as humans but all our life we end, bothering about things that we should be least bothered about.

The choice for this life is your because it is your life, you are fortunate enough to have been given this life. The world is a beautiful place if you decide to live it rather than worrying about things.

The world will not end because of you, the world is as good as the eyes that see it. Have a beautiful eyes that sees the beauty in people rather than their inhibition, be the eyes that see opportunities in people rather than their handicaps, be the eyes that brighten the lives of people all around him. Be beautiful and be aware and then you will start having a beautiful life that will keep you awakened and motivated for life.

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When you cannot be happy?

If you are a super positive person, you will be a student of the idea that you can change everything by changing your mind to think positively. And this might seem to work in most situations. Understanding this this works should not be very difficult and it’s not a cult like theory that you will need to detest it.

There is this inanimate universe and only when the mind is added to it that life happens. There are powerful phenomenon going on in this universe, be it creation of galaxies, supernova, black holes what not. But the greatest creation of this world are not these events but it is us, humans who are adding soul to the lifeless universe around us. It is us that the Universe is created for. And it if for us to create it further. Why else then, are we allowed to think, and think all the time, each microsecond until we are dead. That’s where all the creation happens.

But then there are some constraints, constraints in which even if we are fully aware of these ideas then also we would not like to create magic around us, the most important constraint is our health, the health of our physical self affects our soulful existence so much that we no longer want to control the future that we only created for ourselves. It is a big constraint if we think of it. But is it really big enough or is it another possibility milestone which if we cross can take us to the infinite. Infinite is achievable but only if we are in good health. But isn’t the physical existence a part of our mind’s manifestation.

This is actually chicken and egg. Because our physical existence was created before our existence as a thinking mind. Can we really affect something using the tool that came after it? This may be my mental block but still I have not reached a mental state where I can answer this question with affirmation.

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