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Only if we believe

We believe in a lot of things and lot of people. We believe in the doctors that diagnose our diseases. We believe in our parents for providing us better advice and life. We believe in our teachers for giving us correct knowledge. We believe in the books and the authors for giving us the correct perspective of issues and ideas.

Sometimes we blindly believe in things and people. We believe in religion and the rituals that come with it. We believe in science even more blindly because it seems so logical. And we never question them because it is easier for us to accept than to question authority.

If we believe in so many people, why is it that we doubt ourselves at times? Even the most confident of people at some point of time have had their doubts on themselves. Why can we not have blind faith in ourselves? Why cannot we not live without doubting ourselves and the plan we have for our future?

Only if we believe… will magic happen!

vishal akhouri

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