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October 15, 2010 1 comment

Burlesque had it’s hey day in the 1930’s and is traditionally a combination of all or one of the following: singing, dancing, comedy, striptease and mime. Today it’s possibly the definition of kitsch; but sexy, sometimes rude and always with a sense of humor.

There is a thin line always between things we do. This is illustrated perfectly in this form of art. Burlesque is not strip tease as some of us will be forced to believe. It is most elegant of the exotic dances and more than subtle in its execution. Burlesque strip tease has the elegance of being majestic. It is one of the best dance forms known to civilisation. It is perfect and never vulgar. It is sexy and very beautiful It is humourous, humour being the original ingredient of Burlesque.

Any mention of Burlesque will not be complete without mentioning Dita Von Teese, the american burlesque artist, model and actress, who is widely referred to as “The Queen of Burlesque”. Von Teese began her career in a local strip  club when she was eighteen. Disappointed with the lack of originality in all the other strippers’ acts, Von Teese created a vintage-inspired outfit, with beehive hairstyle and elbow-length gloves coupled with a basque and seamed stockings, piquing the interest of the clientele.

Burlesque is more about tease. It’s more of a performance that is created to keep the audience engrossed entirely during the shoe than anything else. Burlesque is fun!

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