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In the God Mode

Why be a ‘Chihuahua’ in this world when you can actually be a bulldog? although I have nothing against ‘Chihuahua’, it’s one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs in the world, and it’s quite cute so much so that Ms Paris Hilton will have her as a pet rather than a bulldog, so being ‘Chihuahua’ has its advantages if you have nothing against people calling you a ‘Chihuahua’ then things should be absolutely fine with you. But why is that somebody will always be bulldogs in their lives and someone will even grow into tigers and lions of the world. And someone will always be the frogs in the wells, never wanting to come out.


Why are two brother so different in their attitude (and the life path they will take) even when they are given the same family and friends background. or are they? Does our choice of people around us have so much influence on our future? It sure does so can we actually alter these minor but substantially important variables (well, they are actually variables in our life equations) to get the best results and solutions. God talks in the language of mathematics and nothing is random here. Even randomness is derived from mathematical equations. So if we can see our lives with this perspective, then we will see ourselves and others as variables fitting ourselves and others into the life equation to solve our problems and finding the right solutions.

Let’s me put my last point with another illustration. We have all played computer games and at one point or the other liked using the cheat codes to play the god-like mode as well. In the god mode, we have infinite ammunition, we cannot be killed and we cannot die even if we are crushed in an escalator or bombarded by our adversaries. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t really enjoyed playing in the God mode much, there is no excitement, there are no challenges in there. But I have tried it because I wanted to see what was in the next level or I have tried the cheats if the level looks too tough and ambitious for me to survive easily.

So definitely God mode is not to be played everyday but we require it sometimes to sail forwards when we are stuck. Is something like God-mode available in real life? Can this be achieved maybe not throughout your life because that will make your life boring but wouldn’t it be worth trying just to get things moving and to fulfill some of the desires that are looking really hard at the moment to fulfill.

So what are the perfect god-mode cheat code for a few life scenarios? Well because live is so much so dynamic and has lots of unknown variables to it that we still don’t know, so a few of these god-modes (if you are able to find one) will require you to adjust a little bit to suit your needs. In computer games god-modes, the variables are miniscule compared to that in life. But the concept is same and god-mode exists in life as well. You just have to be more aware to see it and understand it when it comes to you.

Scenario: You want set up a new company and you want to get clients/customers to serve

What do you expect, if you were in god mode: You choose a fat customer and go to him and ask him if he would like to take your services for a price. The fat customer replies, “Yes, I would be most delighted to. Here’s the initial payment of one million US dollars and I will pay the rest one million US dollars on completion of the work.” You thanks him and move on to strike your next deal with another fat customer.

The Cheat Code: Well! it’s been 3 days since I started working on this post, and I actually stopped here on the first day because I really wanted to think of a cheat code for things, whether they exists and can we be aware of them given our very miniscule and little knowledge about our world. If I could find one, then how simple my life would be. I just apply the cheat codes to my life situation and get the results instantly without issues and with least effort. But at the moment I don’t have any answers.

It all comes down the basic success formula:

  • “Try try till you succeed”, and like all proponents of this theory I would also like to put my utmost emphasis on the ‘try try’ part, success will come automatically
  • There is one more old quote, and enhanced by Luciano Passullo of , “You can do anything, but not everything. Choose wisely.”
  • You can only grow with experience, so try to do different even unrelated things and see how beautifully they fit, when you finally set sail to chase your dreams and make it a reality. (quote by vishal akhouri)
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