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Orchestration of Truth

We are our biggest problems. We are helpless in front of us or as we find us to be. We sometimes don’t feel in control of things and then we feel not good about things. We are not able to decide how to overcome the challenges posed by our wishes and desires. We are the slaves of our own selves. We have to fight a battle against us most of the time. Because its the human tendency and urge to move towards happiness than anything else, we feel more sad because of the uncontrollable situation in our lives we are facing most of the times. More so because we want to control things, people and situations according to our desires and we end up being controlled or as we may see.

The irony becomes more tragic when we start blaming others for the tragedy we happily bestowed upon us, because of our own desires. Desire which have stemmed from a human urge to make life and situation favourable to his survival. But now whose are so deep inside ourselves that we cannot get out of this situation or as we may feel. That is what is the irony and that is what is the challenge of our lives, that we may not be able to conquer ever, if we do not decide decisively and follow our decision with rigour.

You can achieve anything and everything but what is the cost of this. It is greater than everthing, and even time, which is the most treasured resource of our survival.

Why are some decisions so difficult to take and follow? Why are somethings so important to us and that samething is of least important to other? Why do we become such a jerk and stubborn that we are ready to jeopardise our happiness chasing a false dream or desire?

Why do we become slaves to our desires!

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Dreams Unfulfilled!

Some Dreams will remain unfulfilled!

So you thought, you were the master of your destiny, you can get whatever you want and if you try and try you will definitely succeed, and you were doing quite good in this. Winning battles after battles, ravaging opponents, winning war chests and exploring the treasures of lost world. But then one fine day you came across the biggest obstacle of you life, a road block so big that it has the potential to destroy your faith in yourself, the road block is so unsurmountable that it  demanded you to abandon the sweetest of your dreams, it demanded that you leave your life’s biggest desire. It demanded you leave the dream without which you life seems meaningless.

It demanded that you leave a dream unfulfilled!

But if such situation has occurred in your life, I am sure it will not have occurred all of a sudden. Life gives you clues and suggestion as feedbacks to follow and change the course of your life, and chances are that you would have ignored the signs of dead ends and carried further. So you would not have backed out earlier because the dream was worth every bit of the effort. You were so positive in you outlook till now that this set back may be devastating. But even if you had keys to your life and you can do whatever we want to, unfortunately you do not have keys to other person’s life, the other guy is not slave to your wishes and whims. They are equally well endowed to desire whatever they want to, whether good or bad. They have as free as will as yours.

Definitely, if you are at this juncture of your life, It’s a hard choice to make. Do you continue to pursue the dream till you turn it into a reality. Remember it’s a dream you have slept and woken for 4-5 years now or so. If you do that the risk is that you still may not be able to convince the other person ever because every one has as valid a reason as yours. The reward is that you may get lucky, but do you have the will now to further pursue a rather dead end. Offcourse, the confidence you will get after this dreams is fulfilled will be enormous and is worth trying and living again, but there are very valid risks involved which can drain you emotionally, if you do not get real in your dream world.

You will never fail if you try. But at the same time you cannot always succeed to get the results in the form you want it!

– vishal akhouri

We live in a world where there are limits to resources at our disposal. The most precious of the resources is time and if one wastes it that’s the biggest sin one can commit. You have to live million lives before you die. So if one decides not to pursue a dream that has become stale, although it may be the hardest choice to make and then implement but sometimes it’s wise to keep the dream unfulfilled! The idea is one should know when to give up.

Here are some learning from the book: ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Dr. Spenser Johnson, where he talk about how to deal with change in life and profession.

1) Change Happens
They Keep Moving The Cheese

2) Anticipate Change
Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

3) Monitor Change
Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

4) Adapt To Change Quickly
The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese

5) Change
Move With The Cheese

6) Enjoy Change!
Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

7) Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again & Again
They Keep Moving The Cheese.
By talking about some quick fix ideas,I really don’t want undermine the gravity of this situation because it’s most emotional and it’s most demanding. But whatever you choose to do, your decision should be aligned with the most basic of human instincts – survival (physical instinct) and happiness (metaphysical instinct). The point is take your time because it’s the most important decision of your rather short life, and do what makes you really happy.

At the end, it’s about convincing yourself.

By the way. when Einstein said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’, he wasn’t insane.
– vishal akhouri

Turning Your Desire into Life Achievement: The Challenges

So now after years of deliberation, thinking and lot of inaction, you have come to the point where you have decided that you want to change things for you. You are now ready to turn your desires into something concrete in this real world. You are ready to unleash yourself to the world.

Hopefully, if you are at this stage than the desire that you really want to convert to something real must be coming directly from the inner sanctum of your unadulterated heart. Because if it is not then you will not be carry it forwards to its ultimate glory. But if it is coming from the purest heart, than means it’s a burning desire than how ever the world and the circumstances will test you along the journey towards achieving your objectives, you will not fail. Because now you will be powered by the most powerful engines of all. And now you will achieve whatever you desire.

If the desire is not a buring desire, you may lose steam in the middle!

Vishal Akhouri

Are you ready to stake everything to convert your desire into a reality? How much does not going after your desire affect your future happiness? Can you still be happy without chasing your desire? Are you looking for backup plan even before chasing your desire?

You should be able to answer these questions before even thinking to make the move forward. You should have your feet deep in the solid ground, not marshy land if you want to succeed. A lot of factors will affect whether you can even go ahead with your plans or if you should go ahead with your plans, at all. And no body but you are the real judge for what you want to get and what is the price you want to pay.

And mind you all these challenges are thrown to your mind. That’s where all the battle will be fought.

So this is your first challenger: Yourself!

Challenge is required to verify your level of preparedness. This challenge is also required to ensure that you are not standing on marshy lands and you will be ready to commit, more of your resources and time towards the fulfillment of your desires.

You family and closest of your friends to whom you will first divulge the news that you are going to follow your life’s desire will be next set of people to throw you your next set of challenges. They are your well wishers so they want to ensure that you get the best out of your life. They will quiz you with questions like what if you fail? What’s your plan B? You may be taking a wrong decision, even in your current path you can achieve a lot. Then why take such huge risks?

Your family and friends are your second challenger!

This is required to give you a third man perspective of the world around you and how it is going to change with decision of yours. It is again important that you answer their queries well and get away from any doubts that may now be creeping through your mind. You cannot escape some of the more realistic questions and doubts being raised. Face them and brave them or fumble and get lost in the storm of life!

The world and the mighty circumstances are your third challengers! Till now we have only talked about the battle of the minds. Now that you have started doing some things in the real world, you will face actual people and circumstances that you have never dreamt existed.

They will be as candid and rude to you as you can ever imagine. If you are not lucky, then you might be chased to the point of extinction. You will then be forced to think whether it was a right decision at all. With all these sharks around you, and the sea being as rough as it can get, it might look like the most foolish decision.

You will start counting your choices now; and one of the choices will definitely be restoring the peaceful status quo with the satisfaction that ‘Yes, I at least tried. One some people are even brave enough to go this far as well’. So in this state of mind, you might back out. And remember the brevity you showed as a glowing point in your life, something to be rejoiced and told as legend to your grandchildren maybe!

And that may be a good choice to make for any person based on his/her circumstances. But don’t you think maybe you gave up at the last mile. Maybe your perseverance would have paid, may be if you would have hung up a little more, you would have achieved it. May be your grand children would have read about your life in some history books rather than being fabled by you. May be you deserved to be there, where ‘that guy is!’

You belong there! Don’t give up now.

vishal akhouri

By backing out on the final frontier of success, you have chosen the easy way in life. We are all slaves of desire. As human being, until we find out the real meaning of life, that is our divine duty to follow our heart to where it can find happiness and to achieve glory by following our burning desires.

But the best part of life is that you can do anything at anytime, so you will have time to mend your previous mistakes. Life is about feedback and improving your chances and hence luck by learning from your life’s mistakes. So turn your failures in success because ‘You are not dead yet!’.