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If you cannot live! Die

Do you live with passion?

When you sleep each night do you wait for the morning to come early so that you can do what was pending the earlier day?

Do you find out where you wasted your time and curse yourself for being so ineffecient?

Do you want to do something before you die?

Do you want people to know you as someone who created and cared?

Do you want to see all the places in the world and beyond?

Do you want to grow old and retire so that you can start doing something on your own?

Do you have plan for each phase of your life and also each condition you may find yourself in?

Are you prepared always?

Do you want to learn everything that is there in the world to read?

Do you want to complete/continue your education and learn and read more and more?

Do you love?

Do you find ways to gain time from your daily routine?

Can you see the pun and laugh in any situation you may be?

Do you feel in control even if the situation may be out of control on all parameter?

Do you have infinte hope?

Can you love a person even if no love actually exists?

Do you never give up?

Can you be proud of your achievement and celebrate even if you came last?

Do you see light in darkness?

Do you believe?

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