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Words destroy the feelings

If only we could communicate in a more natural ways.

This was one of the thought that came to me while I was interacting with persons of different cultural upbringing than mine. And since I am born in humanity that has a common bonding because of our common source, I can more than assume that most of you reading this post would agree to me

Although written and verbal ways of communication are the most reliable ways of human communication because they remove any ambiguity because any word written or spoken has a meaning which is clearly defined in the language it is spoken. But this type of communication comes with a natural drawback, the scope of these languages are rrestricted by what is defined in the language itself.

But humans interaction and verbose is a universal language any may not be captured by human experiments in language.

A simple way of understanding this is to imagine this is that you were in the middle of 9/11 destruction which you saw. And later on you read the narration in newspaper and do not get the same feelings. Or you try to explain what you went through that day and you are now not able to explain your feelings. But when you meet someone who was with you on that day, you can just look at each other, you both don’t have to speak a words. You both can then interact through the common feeling. And the tears that will roll down your cheeks will be an expression of your true communication.

To sum up my point, true human interaction can never be replaced by a man made one if we want really want to feel the love and humanity around us. This is the only interaction that will give us happiness.


What others think about you?

We live in a closely knit community, where we interact with other for our physical needs and emotional needs. We interact with other for our daily needs. We get things for our lives from others who produce it. We produce things that others consume and pay us in cash or kind for our services. We are highly dependent on the community and its people for our survival and well-being.

Every relationship that we build is build on the emotions that we can induce among our partners and friends. The more emotionally we are bound to others we are interacting with the more deep-rooted our relations and interaction will be. True relationships are built only on the foundation of emotions. If there is no emotional attachments there can be no relationship that can sustained for a substantial amount of time. Then it will ne only hollow relationships based only on the needs of individual without any soul to it.

If feelings are so important in making relationship and our interaction with the world last for long wouldn’t it be great if we could read minds and find out what the other person thinks about us. At times some people become really important to us, but they somehow try to elude us the same feelings we have for them be it in our personal or professional life, will it help if we could look for clues and get in their minds to understand what do they feel about us. It is always better to understand each other compatibility before committing to a longterm relationship so that there are lesser heart burns in the middle of the situations.

Life is a journey and we have the up and downs, valley and mountains, rivers and rapids in life as in the nature; would it make more sense if we could get in the minds of the fellow passengers to evaluate and find out what is it that they want? Or, we would it make sense if we just leave the world as is and let us enjoy the flavours of life as we encounter it.

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