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You can be extremely enthusiastic at all times

Say cookie instead of cheese, when you are being clicked and you will have much better photos (Practice Happiness with Randy Sandknop of

Last advice actually works and for years we have been saying ‘cheese’ instead of ‘cookie’, because nobody told us when we were being clicked to ‘say cookie’ 🙂

When was the last time you were really excited to the point of calling it ‘Exuberance’? Maybe when you were selected for the best college for your higher studies. And probably you were excited because of the feeling that this is the most exciting opportunity of your life. It’s the hope that does the trick for us. Now, think whether during your graduation period or after your graduation did you get the same initial feeling of exuberance ever again. And the chances are that you would have never been as excited as you were during the initial period.

What is that changed? You are still in the best college of the world, your dreams are being fulfilled, still that feeling is no more. Well probably, it’s the perception that has changed. Your goals have been fulfilled and you may or may not have a new goal with you. If you are lucky enough you will probably have another goal, and if it is fulfilled you will have another chance to be in the state of extreme bliss. But then maybe the magnitude of exuberance may dip down if you are conquering one mountain after another as it may seem like a daily routine for you. But even for some other group of people, who do not taste success so routinely, if they are successful at sometimes, their exuberance may also die down as they become more conscious of failures rather than celebrating the success.

“It’s all in the mind!”

vishal akhouri

I went for a wall climbing competition two weeks back, and we were some 30-40 climbers. The event started at 2 p.m. and ended at around 8 p.m. in the night. Although I did not qualify for the final round, actually I did not come anywhere near qualifying for it either but I was fairly satisfied by my performance there, considering that I am insanely acrophobic, but still I climbed. But the main attraction during the entire event an ‘Awesome’ girl, she did a good job at climbing the wall as well, but her main attraction was her extremely exuberant personality. She kept cheering for each and every participant be it whoever it may be, throughout the day and night, not being conscious of anyone there and we all were stranger, by the way. Even for the last climbers she was cheering, she was truly unstoppable. Such type of people add life to the world, they bring joy and exuberance to places where ever they are. They are the true creators of happiness, at all places even at places where it does not exists. They are true leader and their appeal is charismatic.

Why is that we all cannot be so much excited about our life each day? The problem is our macroscopic outlook. We see how big things are important to us. When the most happiness is present in the trivial everyday things in our lives. We miss out a lot part of our lives by not seeing and enjoying smaller things that make our life beautiful. Why can’t we all cheer every one else in our team, why cannot we collectively give a roaring standing ovation to the people around us, the people in our regular life, the real stars of our life! Why do we have to wait for tennis or cricket stars or movie stars,  onstage or at airports to cheer them and joyfully encourage them. Why cannot we give a really loud standing ovation, cheering the people who should really matter to us.

Try these as an exercise and see how much joy you get in your life (find opportunity to experience them, if they do not come so easily for you) :

1) Strike small conversation with people who do your daily chores, your maid, your building watchman, your grocery shop owner, and for them keep a smile always, just don’t keep quiet, go ahead interact with them

2) Say the magical words ‘Thank You’ to everyone, you meet, see and greet each day

3) Try the game of ‘Standing Ovation’, give it periodically to people in your life who really deserve it, Make it as boisterous and loud as possible and make it last for at least 8-10 minutes

4) If you are angry, jealous or having any kind of negative feelings for, call them now, talk to them, send them cards, do your best to show your kindness to them, they can be turned into you best friends most of the time, and there is very little chance that they will still remain some kind of brat or jerks to you from now on

5) Don’t miss out on the trivial favours the world does for you, don’t forget to thank the world for them, they are the ones that matter actually. E.g. if you get an all clear green light when driving through a busy traffic, utter thanks with most gratitude to the world

6) Be playful all the times, (okay most of the time will do), do some crazy stuff that you haven’t done most recently, bring out the child in you. It’s the most direct way to becoming enthusiastic about everything in life

7) Sometimes it’s better to say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way, be proactive, be open, and do a lot of meaningful work

8 ) Think of yourself as running a show for the world, then you will not be bogged down by staring people and talking people because its your show and you can do whatever you want to do; once your particular show (phase of life) is over, you may take other’s advice as feedback to make your next show better and more entertaining for them

When you start creating happiness in your life and the lives of other, that’s when you will start to live a fulfilling life.

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