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Get A Life? Well, this is my life!

September 27, 2011 1 comment

Do you brag about the number of friends you have on a social network? Are you addicted to checking your facebook profile too often to the comfort of your spouse and family? Do you want to check your happiness parameter online? Does Zynga give your more joy than a live cricket or football match? Do you grow more wheat and maize on your farmville than the country like Ethiopia can ever produce?

And better still did you feel bad about not getting an invite for Google+ when you are already on a whole gamut of social networks from facebook to myspace and you are still acive on orkut as well. Gosh! you have appetite for even more! You are a social animal; you always needed a society. Only for the first time it is so much virtual but like others this new society is also so much alive with all the fun.

For the first time in the history of mankind, it is so easy to communicate with so many people at one go. For the first time, we can showcase our life to all or to the select few as we choose, and we can do it ourways. We are at equal footing to express ourselves and express ourselves to the amount we want. We are having a blast time, we are having a gala time in our lives. Suddenly we have so much to do and keep ourselves engaged at each second of the day. We can play, chat and ‘like’ and showcase our life each day as we live it. We are creating an autobiography as we live our life.

This is the new way the world is more and more going to interact. There is no reason to shun this. There is no reason to shy away from this. This is the world that is here to stay so let’s embrace it with open heart. This is the world where there are no boundaries. This is the world that is for the first time equal. There are no rich or poor, there are no castes. This is the world where even the minority views are listened in the same forum. This is the world where corruption is being fought. This is the world where I belong and I am embraced. This is the world where I fly even when I have no wings.

This is my world and this is my new life. And I am logged in!

vishal akhouri

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Electronic Social Networks: Your true identity

We are currently getting hooked to newer ways of interacting with people. It all started with the need for people to socialize, to communicate and to become inter-dependent on each other. Now it has taken a new connotation. Gone are the days when we used to talk to a single person at one go. Now is the era of broadcasting you status, what’s in your mind and what you feel like for someone.

The new age of electronic social network has exploded since the coming of the internet. No one could have predicted the wide appeal on these social network. It has become even bigger than ‘Hotmail’ email. It’ s getting bigger than Google and challenging the supremacy of Google ‘the king’ on the Internet. Facebook gets more hits now than Google searches. People login to the internet for checking their Facebook statues and updates. Wedding and marriage invitations are sent through the Facebook invites and collectively.

It has brought in with a new type of addiction, the kind, we haven’t since till now. It’s more addictive and dangerous since we are constantly in touch with it, thorough mobile phones and pda. So the addiction is really more hard to control than anything else.

Social network have grown to the proposition and importance that it is more fun interacting on the social network site than in person. You can be whatever you want no matter who you actually. Social network profiles are not like fake dating profiles where you can date a blonde no matter she may not be what she presents her to be and you may not be a stud either. Here they represent a true profile of a person and ironically not many people create a fake profile on these network, although they might decide to have an extra fake profile as well but they do not represent a majority.

Social networks are here to stay until someone comes up with something new and something more representative of the actual human interaction. But definitely social networks are playing a great path in the evolution of human interaction and the ways and means of it.

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