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Cilantros and Ginger

If you have tried cooking indian food, you would have realised the important of spices in it. In some recipes it’s not just another part of the entire dish, it is the dish itself. Sometimes if you don’t add spices to an Indian food, you feel it to be too blunt and you will end up spicing it up.

Once you get used to the vulgarly spicy Indian food, there is no returning back, you will end up being addicted to it. That means that you cannot live without that many spices in any food you eat. So there will be weird combination you may try ending up with.

But the realisation does not occur to us that we cook the food that we eat. So it’s actually is our choice whether we want it spicy, hot or just boiled. But we are actually a lot into inertia so we end up cooking a spicy food at most times, we fail to experiment and we get the same taste at all times. That is fine because we just love the taste of the spicy food because we get used to it. We feel someone havin something else say someone just surviving on salad is missing the fun in life. He is not having a good food.

That is also true of people who eat non-vegetarian food, so vegan have to come up with ideas that show they are still in fashion and sometimes even ahead to justify their food habits.

So as with life’s every other thing, we end up doing and eating things and drinking as well, just to be with the mob rather than actually doing what we really love to do or eat. There is also a huge influence of media and advertisements in our food habits so we may choose to drink Pepsi instead of Coke at times!

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