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We have a domain name:

From today our blog is also accessible directly through the domain name:

A Brief History of Futureideaz (2002 – 2010)

I started “Futureideaz Total Solutions” way back in 2002. The purpose of FTS was to come up with innovation in website design and development. The website was available on it’s domain name:


Apart from “Futureideaz Total Solutions” which was mainly involved in website business, we also had an offshoot dream project called “Futureideaz Gaming” which did a lot of C/C++ based games using DirectX and OpenGL for creating a wonderful gaming experience.

It was all part of bigger umbrella brand called “a vishal akhouri initiative”!

Later in 2004, “Futureideaz Total Solutions” was pulled out of the website:, because of financial constraints, and moved to a state of long hibernation on my free personal site on geocities at:

And as of now, Yahoo has also stoped hostings on Geocities so we became completly offline now in 2010.

The reminiscent of the original websites can be accessed on:

But this year 2010, we are back with a new domain name and new place on WordPress blog with a new mission and objectives to be part of the original idea creation process. Because it’s the ideas that change the world and makes it a better place to live.

So you will find a lot of articles from me and my fellow authors on this blog about a lot of fresh and interesting insights and ideas about:

  • life
  • business
  • innovations
  • and a lot more….

So keep visiting this site… cheers!!!