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The Girl Effect!

Some problems of this world are real. They relate to the inability of the society as a whole to support a particular section of itself. So they remain exploited by the other part of the same community, for reasons which are most selfish to begin with. They are exploited for pleasure, they are exploited so that they can be subjugated, they are exploited because of ignorance, they are exploited because of immaturity on part of the exploiters, they are exploited because of lawlessness, they are exploited because we have to be civilised by force and not by choice.

So what do the exploited do, how do they live a beautiful life, because they are in this world as equals and to experience life as anyone else. They have exactly the same rights here and no one in this world can take those basic rights from anyone else.

If you have the rights, so do me! I am not unlucky just because I am not you!

vishal akhouri

The fight has to begin from within always, you may get support only if you are strong enough to stand and face the oppressor and see in his eyes and say to him,

“I am not weaker than you, I am not Meeker than you, to say the least I am better than you, but I am not you. I will fight, I will not go down, I will be stronger and I will live and I will survive. I am not giving up. I will always be alive.”

vishal akhouri

The Girl Effect will always shine and delight with their perseverance and if we (men) do not learn to respect them, they are not weak enough not to survive and give us a fight. They can bring joy where it does not exists. They are a bubble of exuberance. Men have to realise that girls make this place a livable world, they bring happiness to the world, they are the real creators so do your part in this world properly or else girls are capable enough to take that role as well!

Oh Girl! you are beautiful,

you are humble,

you are the light,

you are wise,

you are the joy in life,

you are the happiness we search,

you are the infinite,

you are the world, you shine and you delight!

vishal akhouri