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From Ordinary to Glory

Right now, you are caught in the web of life, you are caught in your wishes and desire; and that is what drives your life and creates the world for you accordingly. You believe in some things, and you want to believe in something more. But then you strike a dead block in life; you hit the dead end. If you realise that you have hit the dead end, then only you can move forward, then only you can get over things and thing differently and when I say differently I really mean differently. You cannot use the know templates of living a life as your guide anymore. You have to think out of box, or as they call it.

And if you start doing this, you will be among the very few who are able to do it. They create examples and templates for other not so fortunate people to think and live a life. The joy of thinking differently is just overwhelming. It is the joy that surpasses any other. It is a joy that will help you to lead a fabulous life. It is a joy that will overwhelm you as you understand that you understand how it works.

There are actually infinite ways; you will need to choose the best one for you. You can choose whatever space-time you want to hang on to as a physicist will say. Here’s my take on space-time, there are definite laws that govern our universe. Earlier astronomer put humans at the centre of the universe, later they postulated Earth as the centre of the universe until Copernicus proved that physically Earth revolves around the centre of the Sun so Earth is just a planet and definitely not centre of the physical universe. Now things have started to change with Einstein and a few other thinkers bringing in the concept of the “fuzzy” Quantum Theory. This talks a lot about fairy land universe that have characters and event like Schrödinger’s cat, which can be alive and dead at the same time. They talk about things being made of both matter and energy. They talk about parallel universe that may be just in from of us but not very visible to us, only if could travel in a different direction. So the point I am trying to put here is that we are governed by laws that are so weird even to think of, and these may actually be true. Just because we do not understand things, that does not mean they do not exist.

Just because somebody has not told prehistoric man the theory behind fire that did not stop him from lighting twigs with fire when he felt cold. I am suggesting us all to try to understand how things and situations work and we may gather knowledge that we cannot prove in theory but we will understand how it works and will be able to enlighten our knowledge by this practical knowledge and create a huge knowledge base of our own.

You do not need someone else to gather knowledge. It’s all there; we have till now only discovered knowledge. And we can never be able to invent knowledge because we have a reference and raw material given by nature to create new things or ideas. It’s all there in the universe. Its Lego blocks, now we just need to create something from it.

The challenge is to create something that does not already exist. Theoretically it is impossible to create something completely new though because as I already stated, we can only go by the reference provided by the universe and the raw material that already exists. And we may not need to create something that does not follow the reference and raw material that work in this universe, because if somehow managed to create something like that we may never find use of this in this universe. But it should not be our wish to create something so useless. There are so many things that will be relevant in this universe that we may create that has yet to be created. And that is what we are here for.

Creation from the prototype.

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