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Happy People!

Happiness is a habit – cultivate it!

Elbert Uubbard

We have the pattern of happiness in front of us. We ar ethe biggest templates of happiness for everyone to follow. If we have life till now, we must be really happy people, or atleast we would have had at least a few really satifying and life fullfilling moments in our life to justify our living in this world despite being tormented by a whole array of equally agonising life that anyelse has ever lived.

So the point here is we know how to be happy, only thing is that we have forgotten how to live those moments all our lives. We do not know how to prolongue those happy moments, because we may have been told the other way, but we need a reason for everything in life and that includes happines. What this means is that we need a reason to be happy, whether real or created one. What it ultimately means is that we can create a state of happiness by the power of imagination.

We can imagine that things are going perfectly, and there is no reason that it will not turn out to be good.  We just need to change our outlook and things that we have always wanted to work for us and people whom we have always wanted to be with will always be there if you believe they are there with you.

Three things should always go togther: Happiness, Hope and Postitive Thinking!

vishal akhouri

There are these 21 things that you can do to ensure that you always remain happy: (orginally published at: by Cindy Holbrook)

  1. Appreciate Life as it is presented to you.
  2. Surround yourself with happy positive people who share your values and goals.
  3. Accept others as who they are and where they are in life.
  4. Keep yourself updated about news about your field and hobbies. Develop a hobby and pursue it religiously.

For rest refer to the original post.

There is only one thing that differentiates a happy person from other and that is discipline. If you commit something to yourself or anyone, fulfill that committment.

You must do what you decided to do. Move ahead and sail the world! Don’t stagnate.

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How not to go back to old cheese?

The easiest path towards happiness is to become selfish. Because once you become selfish, you concentrate on just one goal in life, making yourself happier than anyone else.

Life for yourself and no one else. Then you can be happy because you will have just yourself to satisfy!

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