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Hope and a little sugar

Hope is the greatest of the tools humanity has in its arsenal. It keeps the human race going despite all the adversaries and difficult time it has faced in its journey so far. It has helped human race survive, the great cold, the great flood, the great wars, the great nuclear cold wars, the meagre scientific tools we have to cure the diseases which cause humans to suffer, the economic poverty that makes humans live a pathetic lives.

Hop makes a person smile even in the most demanding of situation, it motivates hundreds to try till they succeed. It leads to individual to spend their entire life for a cause, it makes individual to dig up the oceans to find oil, it makes individual to create revolution out of sand. Hope is the single most mover of innovation in the world.

Hope makes the moon look like a fantasy adventure rather than just a stone in the cosmos. It makes us to think of Mars as a home for future generations, it makes time travel seem possible despite the obvious constraints time poses theoretically as a dimension.

In life, it makes the most depressed person cry with joy at the prospects of a better future. It brings delight to the heart and minds of millions as they see a better future. It can turn smiles for people round the table. It can make a person see the bright side of life, even though it does not exists for him under current circumstances. It makes a world of difference for everyone.

Hope is actually a great visualisation technique that is imbedded into the human minds as the mind’s permanent characteristic. With hope you see what is perfect for you. When you hope you don’t see anything negative with your life. You don’t hope for the bad things in life, you only hope for the good things to happen to you, and that is the power of affirmative thoughts that Hope derives all its positive power and goodness from. That is why you always feel rejuvenated because of hope in your heart.

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Whom are you fooling!

Are you the best? Are you the one who should deserve all that he/she wants in life? Are you the one who should get all the happiness and love in life? Are you the most intelligent and if not, at least the most sensible person in the world you know?

You are fooling yourself brilliantly till now if:

  • You did not get where you deserved to get and you think it’s not because you did not deserve it but because you did not practice hard.
  • You failed to deliver at the most crucial moments of your life, the life changing moments and still you think there are people who are not better than you.
  • You lost the love of your life to someone else and still you think its his/her loss.
  • You are a born loser till now, still you are bold enough to face the next challenge and lose it as well
  • You are stuck in the 9-5 job and still you dream of making rich in the stock market
  • You do not earn enough to build a decent house in your lifetime and still you apply for 20 years loans and expect that you will be able to repay the loan within 5 years
  • You failed in any entrepreneurial venture till now, still you think you can do better than Bill gates and steve jobs
  • You take days and sometime even months to read a book and have a pile of unfinished books that you never read and still you consider yourself the most learned men in town
  • You haven’t yet managed to get into a big named college till now still you want to compete and get admission in the best school of the world for higher education.
  • You see your colleagues getting the lucky break but you mock them for having lost their opportunity in their present venture and you console yourself that you will catch up.

Actually after writing this I have realised that you are not doing as bad as it seems. You are living a good life despite all your constraints and smiling at the end of the day, too 🙂

Good going, keep the spirit high!

vishal akhouri

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You are never helpless!

So this thought might have crossed your mind if you are trying to overcome a very difficult phase of your life. May be that phase of your life would have ripped you apart of any hope for the future, you might be thinking that your life’s a hell and no one can do anything to improve it. You were feeling helpless and hopeless!

If you are in such a situation now, help is not far away, this happen in sequence somehow, and now is the time to hit the shores from the rough sea. It all happens quite magically that we don’t even realise that we have been helped divinely and then when we see that rough sea is all behind us, we see hope and help all around us.

We are never left in the helpless situation for long, help is just round the corner. The only thing that we will need to realise is how do we see it when it’s just in front of us. That is not the concern, because help will help if they find you helpless, they will come as person, they will come as situation and they will come in whatever form they can take. But help will be there, if you are helpless. You may realise it presence and take time to thank it, or you may be busy feeling helpless and not realise that you have been helped. But help will help you if you are helpless.

Once you are helped, the only advice that should ring some bells for you is that you should not again deliberately be caught in the high seas in the situation similar to the one from where you have been helped. That is the least you can do to the helper, even if you failed to thank him!

Stay away from the same helpless situation once you are helped.

Best way to achieve happiness is to live life and not get caught in helpless situations!

Nothing is more important to you than you yourself! Don’t mess with yourself.

vishal akhouri

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If you cannot live! Die

Do you live with passion?

When you sleep each night do you wait for the morning to come early so that you can do what was pending the earlier day?

Do you find out where you wasted your time and curse yourself for being so ineffecient?

Do you want to do something before you die?

Do you want people to know you as someone who created and cared?

Do you want to see all the places in the world and beyond?

Do you want to grow old and retire so that you can start doing something on your own?

Do you have plan for each phase of your life and also each condition you may find yourself in?

Are you prepared always?

Do you want to learn everything that is there in the world to read?

Do you want to complete/continue your education and learn and read more and more?

Do you love?

Do you find ways to gain time from your daily routine?

Can you see the pun and laugh in any situation you may be?

Do you feel in control even if the situation may be out of control on all parameter?

Do you have infinte hope?

Can you love a person even if no love actually exists?

Do you never give up?

Can you be proud of your achievement and celebrate even if you came last?

Do you see light in darkness?

Do you believe?

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