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Let Go!

So you are holding on to past which has led you more into the dungeons of sadness and melancholy than anything else. It meant a world to you, so you are not able to separate it from you, so you hang on. You do not realise that in this world there is a natural cycle of things. There is the birth, growth and death; and death being the most inevitable of them all. It can happen at any stage. Things and relationships expire. But we decide to still cling on to them because we know nothing. We don’t read and understand the experience of people who have already gone through them.

True we all are unique but the patterns of relations and feelings we experience are taken from a finite box of templates that fit uniquely into life. Trillions of people have lives and experienced life in this world and they go through exactly the same experieces as you. So you are defintely unique but unfortunately your experiences and fellings are not. You parents and your great grand parents have already expereinced them.

So if you are not able to find a solution to you life problem, discuss and you will find a solution that will appease you and all. It’s there in front of your eyes, just open your eyes to it.

Try ‘Zen’. Xie Xie.

– vishal akhouri

Zen your now. Experience, appreciate, enjoy, and let go to welcome another experience.

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