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Assumption – The Greater Sin

Magic happens all the time around us. And we miss out most of the happenings because as we grow older, we starting assuming things in our lives. So things like flowers blooming in spring, wind blowing around us, rain falling on the leaves and petals become all the more obvious to us. We start to lose the charm of these magic moments in our lives. We get bored and we start to look for pleasure and at time start inventing new, when the only thing that is required to experience life is to just be a little more observant and little more conscious of the world around us.

When we are children, we are more and more aware of the magic around us, everything looks so new and fresh. We want to touch and feel everything that is in our surrounding. And we are always full of joy as we discover the world around us. But as time passes and we become older, we start assuming the world and the magic is throws for us. The rains does not amuse us anymore. The Sun and the moon become stars and satellites for us. We stop counting the stars in a clear night sky because we now do not even look up at the sky. We get so engrossed in the web of human engagement that is so much on us and its task is to make us assume and assure.

But nothing is lost, we can get back the old charm in our present life anytime we want; and that is what our task is. Assumtion are our greater sin and salvation is to have short memory. Only this realisation can help us live a fuller life. And once when we start doing that we will experience life each moment.

vishal akhouri


Embrace uncertainty

October 14, 2011 1 comment

We live in a universe that is dynamic and ever-changing. This is a mysterious place to live in. A place where time is moving and is the unit of measurement for happenings.

In our universe, time is the unit of measurement for happenings.

– vishal akhouri

The thing that drives actions and in turn happenings in this universe is called desire. Every living being that dwell in this universe and more notably on our planet is a living being because of its desires. Desires drives and creates events or happenings that fill a life.

Life is therefore a product of events simulated by desires over a period of time which is called lifetime.

– vishal akhouri

So if you have very strong desires you are having a great life and if you do not have strong desires and are confused about the events in your life you are in turn not having a good life. A strong desire is called a passion. A passion for life can only be simulated by having a strong sense of being a strong desire to drive and fill your timeline in this universe with.

If you believe me there may be nothing like chance in this universe, there are just possibilities simulated by desires. The really happy and successful people in this universe are those who have had the privilege to experience a larger number of these possibilities than any average person and have consciously developed the habit of finding a way through a situations in life, be it a certain or an uncertain one. This is called experiences in life.

Any person can at any time start consciously enjoying each challenge that life throws by always keeping this fact at the top of our minds that we will continuously be put in completely alien situation requiring completely different and varied skills to succeed (this is our opportunity to live life). And this will happen to us not because we have hit bad luck or it is by some ill-fated chance. But It’s in fact the most natural progression in this universe.

You are being introduced to the new happenings and events as time flows. Remember time is the measurement of happenings in this universe and so as time flows it will introduce new happenings in you life. Time is the most prevalent and most active property of this universe. It is and will always be there. Our universe will cease to exist when time stops to exist.

Food for thought: Can you think of unit of measurements for happenings and events other than time (may be for some parallel universe)?

Universe in my definition is somethings which has happenings and events.

– vishal akhouri

So when you are introduced to uncertainty or an uncertain event you are being introduced to the most pure form of your interaction with the ultimate force. You are actually being asked to choose a possibility from the infinite available. There is no chance here, because whatever solution you choose for your uncertainty; you are choosing one of the possibility. Your choice is most likely to be driven by you desire, so effectively you create your future with your desire.

There is nothing more powerful and creative as uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty because this is the joy of living and your the path towards happiness flows through it. So next time you are faced with an uncertain future, be overjoyed because the universe is giving you a blank canvas to write your future with the power of your desires.

– vishal akhouri

Get A Life? Well, this is my life!

September 27, 2011 1 comment

Do you brag about the number of friends you have on a social network? Are you addicted to checking your facebook profile too often to the comfort of your spouse and family? Do you want to check your happiness parameter online? Does Zynga give your more joy than a live cricket or football match? Do you grow more wheat and maize on your farmville than the country like Ethiopia can ever produce?

And better still did you feel bad about not getting an invite for Google+ when you are already on a whole gamut of social networks from facebook to myspace and you are still acive on orkut as well. Gosh! you have appetite for even more! You are a social animal; you always needed a society. Only for the first time it is so much virtual but like others this new society is also so much alive with all the fun.

For the first time in the history of mankind, it is so easy to communicate with so many people at one go. For the first time, we can showcase our life to all or to the select few as we choose, and we can do it ourways. We are at equal footing to express ourselves and express ourselves to the amount we want. We are having a blast time, we are having a gala time in our lives. Suddenly we have so much to do and keep ourselves engaged at each second of the day. We can play, chat and ‘like’ and showcase our life each day as we live it. We are creating an autobiography as we live our life.

This is the new way the world is more and more going to interact. There is no reason to shun this. There is no reason to shy away from this. This is the world that is here to stay so let’s embrace it with open heart. This is the world where there are no boundaries. This is the world that is for the first time equal. There are no rich or poor, there are no castes. This is the world where even the minority views are listened in the same forum. This is the world where corruption is being fought. This is the world where I belong and I am embraced. This is the world where I fly even when I have no wings.

This is my world and this is my new life. And I am logged in!

vishal akhouri

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Respect Yourself Always!

No one is more important to you than you yourself. You deserve to be treated as royally as any other person in this world would. No one has the right to take you for granted. You are special. You are unique. You are “You”. Do not give anyone in this world the power to hurt you. If you give someone something you have the right to expect at least the recognition and equal treatment for that favor. It does not work in any other way, at some point of time the other person has to realise that you need to be treated more humanly than you are currently. If you are not, and you have tried enough to make her realise then it’s time. And she has failed to realize it; it’s time to say to yourself that “It’s enough! And I am going to get my respect back”.

You absolutely have nothing to lose but your wasted time, which anyways you have already lost. But the smart and most appropriate thing to do now is to make sure that you say “No, I had enough and it’s really time to move on and move on with pride”.

You will find more people in this world who are ready to treat you more human and appropriately and they will wholeheartedly be with you always, so there is absolutely no reason to engage even a moment more in this failed relationship.

She may be right but you are not wrong either.

– vishal akhouri

Relationships have to be mutual in order for them to be fruitful. They have to be have an element of reciprocity in order for you to enjoy it. It cannot be based on “I will give my everything to you and you are allowed to treat me like a door-mat”. If you are allowing yourself in this situation, you are only going to harm yourself, the other person will not at all get affected because she doesn’t care. She is too busy with things to get even slightly emotionally involved with you; while you spend your days and every moment thinking about it; and creating more and more negative emotions around you. You will overwhelm yourself with it and feel really low and worthless all day. That is not the way to live in such a beautiful world.

You are unique and special to people you really care for you. So be in the company of people who really care about you and love you the way you are. It is all in your mind and it’s your battle to fight it. You are not helpless, you will have to fight back against yourself. You will have to erase and cleanup the mess you are in. And to do that you will have to admit that it’s not beautiful, it’s the worst nightmare of your life, it’s very filthy. it’s very stingy. You have a rotten life if she is around, and you have to come out of it. You have to end it in your mind. You need to exit.

And when you exit, you will enter paradise. You will enter a world that you have only imagined in your dreams. It’s time to make it real. It’s time to move ahead. It’s time to embrace life.

Because you must respect yourself first, before wanting any apathy from any one else in this world, so go for the change. It can be achieved in a flash and right now. Make her insignificant. Make her normal. She is not special! She is not worth it.

[Note: This article was published on an email request from a user]

Some of your dreams will never come true

It is one of the most important facts in life to understand that some of our dreams and which may include some of our sweetest and most ambitious dreams will never come true. They are not destined to come true. The reason for this is a matter of further thoughts but this is one truth of life that we may find hard to believe. The reason could be us ourselves, may be we are not skilled enough to fulfill it. May be it was our childhood infatuation like you may want to start a gaming company just because you have played a lot of games yourselves. But you may not have the skills and the required time to acquire those skills in a reasonable amount of time and the earlier you understand it the better it will be for you.

The trick to happiness is then that you remove the clogging and filth of your unfulfilled desires in life. They have clogged your time for too long and have remained unfulfilled and therefore it’s time to bid them farewell. It’s time to say them good-bye like an old friend. It has to be done and the right time to do it is now.
They have occupied too long your time, your most crucial resource. You can still hang on to them but you will not succeed. You haven’t succeed till now, isn’t it?

It’s time to decide and it’s time to move on!

Build a character

Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are the creator of the world, so why don’t you become the teacher for the future generations. You can create a potential in a man by just pointing it to him, people have to be told what they have the potential to become. We all generally lead a normal life until we face an extraordinary situation that cannot be tackled with normal means and once we face something like that, the only way to move forwards is to understand that we have to tackle our problems as they come. It is only when we do that we realise what all we can achieve. it is your world and it is your life all the way, so move forwards and experience the world and realise your potential and the potential of the men around you, working for you or working with you.

You have the responsibility to make people realise what their potential is and when you do that you unleash a whole new revolution that is sure to influence everyone everywhere.

Your treatment of people will have a great influence on what you want to achieve through your network.These are some of the helpful tips for creating a character of your own that is sure to influence anyone who knows you.

First, Know your cleaning lady i.e. know even the most unimportant person in your life; second, be helpful to everyone whenever they need your help; third, remember those who serve in some way or the other; fourth, every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our future; lastly, give when it counts, because that is when it is needed the most.

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Magic Happens!

Magic happens when you realise it’s happening.

Magic happens all the time in our life but because we take a lot of things in our lives as for granted, we do not realise and see the magic happening. We care more for things that are not happening in our lives than for what that makes our lives beautiful. We are a product of great luck. We are here because of not some divine intervention but are here by chance. And the most unreal improbable event is getting something out of chance. Even if a single thing has not happened in the runup that made us happen then chances are that we would not have been here. We wouldn’t have been alive for that matter. We all would be nothing, even it wasn’t for the great symphony and the liaison of a whole lot of events that played in the background and foreground.

Magic happens all the time, whether you realise it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. Magic happen, because that is what our world is, a magical place. You just have to put your lenses to be amused by daily things that happen all the time in this world. You have to be a child, for whom this world is a few seconds old to realise what a marvelous gift we have received.

Logic makes us and our thinking mundane, you have to be illogical and irrational in order to comprehend this magical world. You don’t have to always distrust the magician instead appreciate the art that is so real and marvelous.

You don’t have to explain the rains as a creation of water cycle process, you don’t have to explain the green leaves as photosynthesis and the high and low tides as the effect of moon’s gravitational on the oceans, or the wind blowing as the effect of the low pressure in that place.

You have to be illogical and irrational to comprehend the magic happening around you.

vishal akhouri



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