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Assumption – The Greater Sin

Magic happens all the time around us. And we miss out most of the happenings because as we grow older, we starting assuming things in our lives. So things like flowers blooming in spring, wind blowing around us, rain falling on the leaves and petals become all the more obvious to us. We start to lose the charm of these magic moments in our lives. We get bored and we start to look for pleasure and at time start inventing new, when the only thing that is required to experience life is to just be a little more observant and little more conscious of the world around us.

When we are children, we are more and more aware of the magic around us, everything looks so new and fresh. We want to touch and feel everything that is in our surrounding. And we are always full of joy as we discover the world around us. But as time passes and we become older, we start assuming the world and the magic is throws for us. The rains does not amuse us anymore. The Sun and the moon become stars and satellites for us. We stop counting the stars in a clear night sky because we now do not even look up at the sky. We get so engrossed in the web of human engagement that is so much on us and its task is to make us assume and assure.

But nothing is lost, we can get back the old charm in our present life anytime we want; and that is what our task is. Assumtion are our greater sin and salvation is to have short memory. Only this realisation can help us live a fuller life. And once when we start doing that we will experience life each moment.

vishal akhouri


make the switch now!

Your mood swings are controlled by your mind. So you can decide to be in a totally carefree mood anytime you want, without any prejudices against anyone and anything. Do you want to make that mood switch now 🙂

Each moment is unique, each moment is different. Only you decide what you want to create at each moment. Is it going to be a environment of joy, happiness and merry-making; or is it going to be a gloomy environment just because you remember something of the past that did not go well and you are sticking by it. May be the past could have been more perfect than it was, but see the brighter side of it. You create your past through your present and present is so much precious that it remains with you only for a moment.Even your future is not based on your experiences of the past, it is solely based on the present.

The uniqueness of the present is that it does not gives you time to immerse in it and enjoy it if you don’t slow down and deliberately make attempts to understand its importance in your life. The realisation itself that only the present is real and that is what pasts are made up of should be enough to induce in yourself the feeling of control. Because with your present you can turn the past into a beautiful mosaic of multi-color array. This feeling of control itself should be a mood booster for you, as you realise that each time you spend in thinking about the gloomy past, you are actually affecting the so much valuable present, and create more of a brilliant past instead by working on your present.

This fact of life can be hard to get and comprehend and most importantly be aware at all times.

You create more gloomy past by thinking about the gloomy past because you are wasting you precious present seconds or moments. Instead, deliberately create a joyful past full of exuberance by fully utilising your present moment. And that is all there is to life!

You waste your present in thinking about the past, you change nothing. You deliberately create a brilliant past acting meaningfully in your present.

vishal akhouri

What is it that you should be doing in your present, to create a brilliant past:

  • Do not run away from what bothers you, attack the cause of your gloomy past moment in the most positive, affirmative, funny and creative way. Nothing is lost ever. It’s all there for you!
  • Create a creative way to tackle you problem. If the problem is a long-term one, just leave it for the time being.
  • If your problem are people/individual, show empathy to them, have no jealousy, anger and any kind of bad feelings against her. You were not wrong. You were perfect in the way you did it.
  • You are not wrong, do not have any guilt pangs or any feeling of loss; you only gain from experience, nothing is lost, you can get it anytime you want. Right now, just the time is not right.
  • You are the best, so do the things in the best way possible.

Present is real, live in the present. Past is gone for ever!

vishal akhouri


Enjoy you coffee!

Every now and then we hear people emphasize this point that we should enjoy our life each moment of it. And the fact that it i emphasised by a whole lot of people who have really lived their lives to the full means that we should really be listening to them and really understanding the true spirit of living in its entirety. We cannot doodle around feeling sad and muddy all the time because we had some moments of bad present which have turned into horrible memories of the past. But the mind still clings to them and we see a real bleak future for ourselves when we see the past events.

How on earth then can we just ignore the mind which creates those ugly feelings for us by dwelling to deep in the past and then seeing the future from the lenses blurred by those unfortunate happenings of our past. How can we see our bright future when we had a really gloomy past?

This is when the ‘Thinking in the present moment’ helps; and that is what these learned men and women are pointing us towards. The present gives us the blank canvas to write us. We can imagine it to be the like a line printer where the current pointer is the present that can write on the paper which is our life. Future never comes with anything. It’s only the present that we can write  and that becomes the past. So our past is whatever because of what we wrote in our present. There is no other truth as simple as this and it cannot be emphasised in more simple terms. You never have a future. You only dream about the future and create it with your thinking.

The only thing that you have is the present, which writes the past for you.

The only truth is the present.

Future has never happened.

And past will never change.

vishal akhouri

So take my advice, “stop thinking much, live in the present and enjoy your coffee!”