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Enter the Real World :)

When you are so much engrossed in your thought it can be intimidating to actually admit that you may be now be living in an enclosed castle of your own thoughts and your own dreams. Let’s take a radical step now. Let’s break this castle of our dreams. Let’s admit to ourselves that we have created false dreams and also false boundaries for ourselves and our imagination.

You may start by thinking that ‘hey! that is not true. I have lived like this since the time I remember. This is how things have worked for me, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my ways of life and thinking.” But take this thought, we have just one life to live. What if it is true, may be there is a real world out there. A world which is not ruled by me, but still is refreshing. A world where there are no boundaries, because our boundaries are created by our mind, there may be no bounding thought.

Let us enter another world, most likely the real world. It may be the most daunting and most difficult thing to do. Because now you will have to ask your mind to shut-up and ask your heart to open up infinitely.

How is this world like? This is the world where the bounded mind meets the infinite. This is the world where you act first before you think and even better you don’t think. This is the world with pure entropy of actions. There are no thoughts just pure interactions with others like us. This is the world in another dimension, and even science says that there are infinite universes around you. May be this is the truth science will ultimately discover or may be not. May be this is your chance to find a new world and new universe by just changing your ways of interaction with the world you know. May be this will create a new level, a new dimension for you.

You just have a lifetime to live, so do you want to experience what is yours for delight. The problem here is I in my present state of awareness am still to find a way into that level of sustained experience. We may experience that feeling at brief moments but we do not sustain that experience.

But here are some ways you may be able to achieve it and maintain it:

  • Stop your thoughts altogether, stop thinking, achieve it, or at least achieve singularity in your thought. You can use various meditation techniques or any of your techniques
  • Interact with the world around you, and that means interacting with real people
  • Become more spontaneous in your behaviour, if you are planning something, then do it now instead
  • Become more emotional and more kind towards the world, people and nature
  • Always think of new ways of having fun and enjoyment
  • Bring happiness to the world around you
  • Become most confident and have no fear of anyone or any situation
  • We are all equals and neither you are so low or the other so downtrodden
  • Make at least one friend a day, talk interact and explore their thoughts
  • Read books and articles that inspire and make you happy
  • Be enthusiatic about everthing small or big
  • Bring out the passion and zeal in what ever you are doing
  • Do it now, whatever you have been planning
  • Interact with every one around and keep a smile on your face always from your heart
  • Start listening to your heart more than your mind

Get out of your shell and enter the real world now! It’s time.

vishal akhouri


Know the people who should matter

You better not try to appease every ‘Tom Dick Harry’ in your life. Care for only those for whom you matter most because the rest of the crowd will be of no use when you need them the most. But there will be people who will always be there for you when you need them most.

Well there is actually there are a lot of categories of acquaintances you may have.

First category is that of people who are there with you at the moment and they are your short term people, they will be the world to you always and their faces will change.

Second category is those who will be with you for a longer time, you will forget them but they cease to exists if you do not nurture them, you will have to reciprocate their tasks they perform for you inorder for you to be relevant to them always.

Third category are the people who consider you like a family to you so even if they are not a part of your actual family. They will still be with you. They are so much emotionally attached with you that they will hang on to you even when you are nto in their mind at all. They consider you part of their inner circle and they will not want you to reciprocate their feelings but you can make the lives of these people really happy by sometimes understanding them. They are your most reliable people.

You the people in your life and move ahead with them always.

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