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Peshawar children are no more

(this post is in condolences of the little children killed by Taliban militants in Peshawar, Pakistan on 15 Dec 2014)

Today is a sad morning for humanity. Today my heart fills with grief for inhuman act of this killing. Today I feel more bad than I may have felt at any moment of my life because of any public tragedy.

It feels like the loss is mine. It feels like I am hurt. It feels like how much helpless I am. It feels how much indecisive I was. It feels like this is rock bottom. It fills my heart with grief that how much hatred we have in our heart. It feels like how much cruel we are.


Today as I observed 2 minute silence for the innocent children at my workplace, I could feel the somber mood around. I could imagine the happy faces of these children playing around in the swings, around the trees, with their siblings, fooling around here and there. I feel these children should have returned Home safely to their mothers and fathers to hug them, love them and keep them safe in their arms. But we know this is never going to happen now. As I mediate for these pure souls during those 2 minutes I couldn’t stop that drop of tear to trickle down my eyes and I still cannot Stop it now as I write this post.

After around 150 children murdered cold blooded on a chilly winter day I have just one thing to say humanity you have lost it completely and I don’t trust anyone now where my children and my family is concerned.