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If Big Bang is true! I am not nuts…

Let’s question the obvious, because apparently it may be just half true. And by the way, there is nothing called obvious in this world.

vishal akhouri

Isn’t it insane that we believe a bunch of morons suggesting us that Universe was created from the size smaller than the size of a microscopic organism that cannot be seen. Evidently, what they are suggesting is that the Universe was created from no where actually. And we believe them because they have the backing of one of the most enslaving tools every discovered by man, its called science. Science suggests that if you cannot prove anything by logic and experiments than you are wrong. So either you are logical or you are wrong. But is Big Bang theory any logical!

The trap is that if you don’t believe what a bunch of highly powerful people are saying that you are illiterate and dumb, and not part of modern thinking.

Apparent Truth is the toy of the Powerful.

vishal akhouri

So if you are not powerful, you will not be listened, this was true in the Medieval Age and very true in the 21st century as well. The fact is that we do not question authority, we just believe in them and like a flock of sheep we follow them, some of those who don’t are hounded by them.

Scholars like Aristotle with their theories of earth-centric universe were accepted as truth. Ptolemy postulated that earth was inert and fixed and planets and stars revolved around it. And he was also categorized as correct. People in that age would have had to live with that theory and believing these suggestions as truth in the lack of any other to follow. Copernicus, the founder of modern astronomy, came up with his geo-centric model of the universe in 16th century, he was reluctant to publish his theory because he was concerned what the powerful, in his case the church might think of it. His works were not published during his lifetime. The world was considered to be flat, until Christopher Columbus, set sail to the edge of the earth only to find out that there wasn’t any.

So the fact is we are hounded by prejudices and dogmas, and we follow them until and unless we find another prejudice and dogma to be followed.

We even believe in the most ridiculous of postulates (I am not questioning whether they are right or wrong) like the big bang or the more ridiculous Darwin’s evolution theory which says that your great great great grandfather was a chimpanzee and you do not take offense at him! Seriously 🙂

I would like to quote here, one of my friends who works in pharmaceutical industry, she told me plaintively that people believe the powerful, there is nothing specially true or great about allopathy.

“dont depend on allopathy most drugs are useless even its a bitter truth, but anything that has power propagates…” (quoted just to give a different perspective, not intended to malign any industry, though)

This actually made me think may be she is right, we believe in medicines like anything. We pop pills after pills and believe that it will cure us, we never question the powerful pharmaceutical industry. We do not question them, we believe in them like we believe in every other powerful organization in the world. May be their pills are just sham! May be they are hiding a lot of things from us, because we don’t know what in their pills and how they work (in the pretext of patent laws and intellectual property rights). We just believe in their advertisements and follow like flock of sheep.

Another organization of unquestionable authority is religion. The power of religion is truly immense, those who understand its power, without actually getting involved in it emotionally, have made great use of it for furthering their cause, be it monarchs and kings, or our present day politicians and democratic rulers, they have all exploited the sentiments of people’s attachment to religion.

Religion is so powerful that you cannot question the logic that it follows. Devotees usually have blind fate in it and they will follow the rituals and duties of religion with generally blind fate. One cannot question religion, in fact, as I write this blog and as I started writing about religion, somehow I became very very concious of what I should not write which I was not taking care of at all as I wrote about science or pharmacheutical industry. I did not care to what degree I was lashing them, but with religion I became very conscious, I think mainly because I do not want to get in trouble with the fanatics who will attack with saber tooth any voice of dissent against them. To say the least we are all afraid of hurting the religious freedom of people, which actually mean we are afraid that some insane devotee will have a go at us in the name of religion, and he would be considered most logical because he is backed by religion, and the victim will be the most who will suffer.

These institutions have become an integral part of our lives, most of the time we cannot do anything about them. Mostly because we do not have an alternative to disprove them because our current dogmas have evolved by disapproving some other postulate given by some other great philosopher and thinker. It’s a full circle most of the time.

The bright side of this argument is that if we believe that we have evolved from a microscopic mass of highly condensed matter after something called big bang, nothing in this universe and our imagination
should be impossible for us to think and do. No thought can be more weird than this one and since no body questions this theory, so no one has the right to question your weird idea that you have at the moment. Go ahead and let the world know about now!