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The enigma called time.

Physics has also proved that time is not absolute. In universe, like any other entity time is relative. What it means is that time at one location on this universe may not be the same as other. Time can speed up, time can slow down based on various factors and to balance some of the universes fundamental laws.

Because we are so much used the absolute nature of time and for that matter spaces, it may be a hard theory to comprehend and live with it. We actually do experience time as relative because of our own anxiety about events. We may sometimes feel that time is flowing by like anything and then we complain about lack of time and sometimes, we feel that hours have stopped by and time does not seem to move at all, or it moves very slowly.

It has now been proved that mass affects time, so it we are nearer to a large body, time near us will flow slower than it will move far away from the large body. For the same reasons Black Holes are termed as natural time machines, because of the their extremely huge density they have extranomical gravitational pull because of this time slows down there, so a person near Black Holes will age slowly than one far away. So effectively since the rest of the world sppeds up more so the time spent for the Black Hole person will be less and effectively he would land in a fast forwarded world if he decides to come back to a non Black Hole area.

What does this fact lead us to learn a better life and bring things into perspective? Well, to begin with the fact the knowledge that the basic building blocks of our life time and space are relative should allow us to set ourselves free from the rigidness of our built up constraints. If even these fundamental blocks are not absolute then it should mean something.

Just examining that spaces may not exist at some places is truly unimaginable to us. And that time may change from place to place should be out of world feeling for us.

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