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Sour Grapes for life

For people who are chasing dreams, some of which may seem to be so much unattainable that they may consider them as sour grapes and may have decided to move further in life, my advice is you got only one life to live so decide accordingly.

Old cheese can get really bad. There is more to life than you can imagine. There is absolutely no use getting stuck in old relations and goals that have become unachievable because of variety of reason. In life and everything it’s very important to understand when to exit.

There are more waiting to happen and since there a lot of thread of execution in universe happening, you have got just one thread that runs your life, the thread of your timeline, you reference time frame. Science is still to understand how time and space-time equations work. But one does not require someone to prove it and then for you to believe what is so obvious. You can realise it, if you can just analyse your life a little more intricately. You will realise there seem to be a pipeline of events. And sometimes, things seem to be stuck; only because you are not letting things go and therefore not letting the next in queue event in the pipeline to happen.

It works magically. And only way it works is in sequence. Become more conscious and you can see the big picture. Once you start doing it. You can turn each sour grapes in life into opportunity to clear the blocked drains and let the flow of life going.

Have the greatest goal of your life in mind, which is to make yourself happy and you will be motivated to move ahead. Once you decide all the sour grapes will become ripe and you can drink them as wine of life.

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What are ‘You’ worried about!

How much we worry is really astounding, we worry about things not happening, people not reciprocating to us, situations not being under our control, and a hell lot of weird things that we should not even care about. There are hell lot of positive and meaningful things in this world to think about and do, they are worth more than our worries for petite little things.

How much these worries ‘large or small’ mean to us is generally blown out of proportion? And we blame situation and other people for the bad things that have happened in our lives. But the fact that you are reading this blog means that you are one of the lucky few on the planet who have enough time and resources to live an exhiliriating life! But we don’t do that, we generally don’t enjoy life every moment and wait for small bursts of happiness to bring fresh air to our lives and after that short span of our conceived happiness we again go in a state of gloominess and reverie of those moments of happiness well spent, the entire rest of our lives.

The fact remaining that we can very well be part of the happiness current that flows throughout our world like the jet streams in the stratosphere. If these stratospheric jet stream were to stop one day our planet will be dead because it is related to all the climate changes and weather phenomenon that makes our world breathe, in the same way the invisible ‘happiness and well being’ jet stream that flows through humanity cannot stop while we are still alive. Only if we become more conciousous of its presence we can be in a state of complete joy. It’s right in front of our eyes, we just have to open your eyes and become more receptive to it.

In this blog, I am going to try to put things into perspective.

I will be using the size reference pics originally published at the following site:

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Did we get the big picture, now! You are not even a size of a tiny microbe in the cosmos, but our worries become larger than the Universe itself. This is because humans aways stay in the state of self indulgence. Our minds creates the world for us, and hides from us the awareness about the entirety of things; this may be part of mind’s function to enable humans to survive (maybe part of evolution as well). And we therefore, most of the time don’t see the big picture, because may be our mind is not developed enough to extract the differences and understand what is more important to each individual. And evolution may take its own course. But we can step ahead, if we already know what is good for us and what is not, and never let these things go out of focus.

The best video to watch for is Apple Computer’s Founder Steve Job’s “How to live before you die” [Stanford University, 2005].

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I have encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of expectations or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving what is truly important.

Remembering that you going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Steve Jobs, Apple

We have choices in our life that only we take (the importance of choices have been well illustrated in Steven Covey book-The 7 habits of highly efficient people). These choices become part of our free will, and noone can tamper with free will, so since you made your decisions in you life, you should take responsibity for your success and failure.

You can chooose to be happy all the time, if you always remain concious. There are no worries in this world powerful enough to stop you from living a happy life at all times.

Vishal Akhouri

Serendipity or Guano from the sky

“Serendipity”, a 2001 movie starring John Cusack and Kate Becinsale, is one of the best movies I have seen till date. Well, It’s currently no2 in my favorite movies list right after Match Point (2005).


It’s a sweet love story themed around destiny, belief and searching for the true moments. It takes our imagination to a dream world where everything is possible. We all know “The Secret” now, well thanks to Rhonda Byrne. All these so-called life changing, witty, soul-stirring, hard-hitting, revolutionary ideas sell, because they hit right at the point where we feel most secure. They all hit at the genre of human emotions making us believe that if we are not thinking like them we are not thinking positively. These new age thinkers (or a lot of old age thinkers as well) tell us a lot but that’s not the whole enchilada. There is much more to it that meets the eye. Success anywhere is not just a desire in our heart, some of us will never be successful at all, because may be how positive we may be about our future, may be how much we are ready to work for it, or may be how lucky we may be. But we are all different. We are at then end of the day, Humans. We are born to be lazy, we are born to be inefficient and we will procrastinate. And I am referring to success here not in macroscopic sense that one is successful if one features on Prime Time news or something, it’s the individual level I am talking about. I am talking from the perspective of our own set goals, for example, someone’s parameter of success may be opening a bakery store in the neighbourhood or even baking a delicious homemade cake and inviting everyone for a party some day. And mind you, you may fail to achieve even this, and you need not blame your positive or negative thinking for it. Because there is much more to life, which our present understanding of the universe does not allow us to comprehend.

Practically speaking, there should be a worldwide debate on what are we supposed to do on this world, because right now we are just acting as robots, and creating a wide variety of tasks for ourselves in the name of progress and just because we need to keep doing something or the other. And it all started when some first human invented fire and later the wheel, to do something because humans have a natural desire to do something and anythings. Enough is as good as a feast. I will not dwell on the topic of why are we here? Because that will be like moving away from the topic of essence for this writing. That can be a topic of my future post, maybe.

Coming back to the topic and arguing further whether Positive Thinking along with a definite action can take us where we want to be, I would like to quote my understanding of Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Outliers’. In ‘The Outliers’ Malcolm has through a series of argumentative example tried to bring forward the point that there are a lot of factors that make a person successful, even the fact that whether you are born on 31 Dec or 2 Jan makes a difference in your world. Whether you come from a culture that sows rice can have an impact on your mathematical ability as a community. And if your forefathers immigrated to New York from Eastern Europe, one can actually tell you that you will be a good lawyer. This book gives a more balanced approach to the euphoria sweeping the world called “I can do anything, If I think I can do anything”. The fact is that you cannot do somethings even if you had all the resources, training and expertise to do it because you do not know what future holds for you. I am not telling anyone to be pessimist and this is not a negative argument. I am just asking you to be a little practical, which is what these new “Can do anything” books do not teach us. Life is not like “tails I win, heads you lose”.

We do not know the future of our World. The world is not just unsafe because of human activities but Mother Nature itself is so unsafe for us and we have to live with it. Volcanoes erupt and fill our atmosphere with volcanic ash and world’s mightiest people or as they may think themselves to be are stranded because they are not prepared for this eventuality. There is a major oil spill in the gulf and we will not be able to do anything because we do not even understand how the various functions of our body are controlled by our brain in its true entirety, forget controlling the vast ocean flow.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is richest and the most successful man in the world of his generation, because he is what he is. There is not need to discuss anything here. He may have got the best opportunity possible in the world, he may have gone to the best school in the world, et all. We may talk all about the favorable conditions he got for success but that no where proves why was he choosen to be most successful among all the other humans. You have to be very very lucky to be someone like him. And no amount of positive thinking and knowing “The Secret” can prepare you for this.

So the point is that you do not have to be in the constant pressure to succeed, because if you are not the chosen one you will not achieve it, however, positive thinking, right attitude and planning you may do. You have the choice not to be in the rat race because even if you win you will still be a ‘rat’.

You have to live this life, it’s truly is a gift of God to us. Live it with a pure heart to enjoy it the most. Don’t take things for granted because then you cannot see the magic that is there around you. I can give you a simple example of the most abundant resourse in our world i.e. Water; just think how much magical that liquid is, isn’t Water rather illogical thing. Just think of it, it’s texture, the character it has, it can only be present in a magical world, and we don’t realise it because we take it for granted, and we are not very observant. We like ‘Harry Potter’s Magical World’, because it is different from our assumed mundane world, just roam around in wilderness and watch the birds fly by, are they not illogical and dream-like, how can things fly and who taught them to fly. And I have absolutely no idea why we fail to see these magical things around us, as we veil nature in all it’s splendour with our filthy reasoning. Everything around us is magical but the world has become so common to us because of our rational thinking that we don’t see it as something really extraordinary. Surely, it’s not what it looks to us, there is something much deeper than our hackneyed assumptions about it.

To conclude, we might not fully understand how things occur, why someone gets more opportunities than others, why someone will never be as successful than the other guy and a lot of other things, but what we can do is:

  • Always be prepared for anything, because the floods might come any day
  • Never stop trying, you may never get it, because you are not destined to get it, but mate! you have no other thing to do
  • The only reason why you should think positively is because that is the only thing that will keep you in a constant state of happiness, negativity does not bring happiness to you life
  • Never have positive thinking for moving a mountain because you cannot move a mountain even with a group of like-minded obsessively positive thinking people
  • Luck is created by being in the right situation at the right time and by being with other lucky people
  • Develop the analysis skill for judging the right situation, right time and finding the lucky group of people so that you can ride the tide with them
  • Taking risk is the best skill you can develop and never shy away from taking risk; at the end of the day you can only fail
  • lastly, this is the only life you have and this is the only world you have to live in; so do whatever you want to do, go where ever you want to go, love whomever you want to love.

Enjoy and Live your life. Because whatever you may have achieved, struggled for or become or not become. We are all going to die soon. And then I don’t think you will care if you left your legacy behind for generations of humanity to remember you 🙂