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Be Selfless!

If you are not feeling happy at any moment of time, the best way to get back your life is to become selfless. The prime reason why you are not happy at the moment is because you are thinking a lot about yourself than about anyone else, a very real recipe for selfish attitude; an attitude which will blind you with all the impurities of the world.

The purest form of love has to be selfless and if you can achieve this type of live because of whatever reason you will be in a state of mind that will directly connect you to the infinite source of happiness. A source of happiness that is so huge that your heart will feel overwhelmed to be in presence of such a delight.

And the beauty of this experience is that it’s the most easy to achieve and sustain. The only thing that is required from you is that you should have loved someone with single-minded attitude. And if you have done that even once, you can channel and swim in this infinite sea of selfless love.

This is the direct connection with the infinite source of power and bliss. It will make your heart such a delight that you will feel god-like because that is the place where God resides, in the lap of selfless love. This feeling is so over whelming that you will drown your sorrow in the tears of love and when you do that your heart will become as pure as purity can be.

Once you achieve this state of mind, once you are in this state of bliss, you will experience a life you could have never imagined. Once you achieve selfless love in your heart, you will see opportunity where others see dead ends, you will experience life in the most mundane of days, you will see your adrenaline rush in the most meekest of task and you will be proud of every small and big thing you experience.

You will become a powerhouse of enthusiasm and exuberance that everyone will like to own, only if you love someone selflessly! It’s a choice, so will you do it.