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Child of the satan

We are all born to be good. We are all groomed to be good. We are all formally educated to be good to others. So if this is the case, then there should not be any government in place to make laws for us, there should not be any judiciary to ensure that these laws are being followed by us and there should not be any police department to ensure that we get punished if we do not follow the laws. But then as we all know that they all exists!

Is it that we are not being groomed properly. There is story to illustrate this. There was a small village and in that village there was an empty covered well. To please the gods it was decided that each villager will spare a glass of mind from his house each night and pour the glass of mind in the well. By the end of the month it was estimated that the well will be full with glass of mind. But at the end of the month it was full but not with milk but instead with water. Could it be the case with us as well? Could we be investing like this? Could it be that we are not doing our work properly? In the village, one villager thought that if he put water in milk it would not affect the target but then everyone thought the same way. In society as well, we might be thinking that even if we do not do our duties properly it would not cripple the society majorly since each of the other fellow person will be following the rules of the society. But that may not be the case and people may actually be destroying the very fabric of the society.

Are we the children of the satan or are we just innocent people caught in the web of desires?

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Gay And Married!

People find it amusing to see same sex married couples. Because they do not understand that emotions. And I may be one of those people who are alien to this emotion. I want to take this topic, however, as a case for an argument towards doing what you really want to do.

These people are doing what they really want to do. If true freedom is doing what one really wants to do. Then gay people are the most free people in the world. They live with people of the same sex even if its a taboo in any society, although it may be legally acceptable in a few societies for their own reasons.

There are offcourse biological reasons for such a marriage to be not desired but the fact that still there is a growing population that is in favour of such a reunion makes it a case for discussion.

Does it point towards any trend in our society? Is that a natural progression of thought and attitude? Is it the next thing towards entitlement of freedom? Or is it not a suitable union at all, just an intrend that will pass away and will only attract a minority?

The point here is that this is a case in doing things just for the sake of doing it. This is a point about doing things that is opposed by the majority and still one does it because that is what one feels his heart beating for.

Because ultimately your aim is to be gay and happy in a marriage!

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