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Slow Down – Glimpses from the past

Past is never over until you meet it again.

Vishal Akhouri

We are in our current present because of our past and we will be in our future present because of our current present. We decide where we are gonna be and what we are gonna do in our future. And it’s all decided by our past, which happens to be our current present. Because whatever is our present is going to be our past some day. Effectively, there is nothing like present for that matter. Future also does not have much meaning. What is most stable is our past. Present and Future are just transitionary stages of life. They both are pseudo and they do not exist in our life.

People ask to live in the present. That is where we should concentrate if we want to remain happy. That may not be a great advice to give, simply because present does not exists. N one can prove that we are in the present because practically and theoretically if we decide to prove present exists, it will pass away simply because present is our past.

There is another angle to this argument and that’s related to relativity. Yes you heard it right relativity. The big idea here is one can prolong his present. So ultimately his present will become past but one can slow down so that we become so slow that our present prolongs to such small component of time that we can actually feel that time has stopped. And once you do that you will start living in the present in the true sense.

This means to begin with to pace down your biological clock. This means that you wait and watch the fly go past you before you come in its way. Such a life stlye has a enormous advantage. You gain control over your time, so when then happen you do not miss your train, buses or any other appointment.

You become master of your time. You become the clock rather than you being governed by the clock or the time piece. Nature does not calculate in milli and microseconds. It calculates time with the pace of your heart and the sound of the birds or buzz of the bees.

You don’t have to be in a hurry. You will not lose time. Gain control over time. Stop being a slave of the time.

Practical advice: learn tai-chi. Device your own way, you don’t have to be told or taught. Just because know one how to do a particular thing that does not mean that you should not try to learn how to do it. Be a pioneer, device your own way that works for you.

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