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The Ubiquitous Dilemma

Nothing is right or wrong, there is nothing called absolute righteousness. Truth is about justifying it, or at least that is how it seems in this world. It’s actually how one sees things.

In love and war everything is justified, the old saying goes.

Wars are justified, and in wars nations allows killing of thousands of people fighting against each other. Not just killing of soldiers is allowed but nobody cares for civilian casualties as well. But if someone kills other’s in a society, that same nation allows him to be hanged or life imprisonment if found guilty by law.

“Someone’s terrorist’s are others freedom fighters and martyrs”.

I am not at all trying to justify the use of arms for just or unjust reason. In fact, I am most vocal anti-arms guy. Terrorism generally is rooted in struggle against some oppressors, so forget eliminating terrorism, even to understand the root cause of terrorism, we have to understand what is the breeding ideology that makes people not even blink their eyes at the thought of planting bombs to blow up innocent people, or the more unthinkable becoming the bombs themselves. Any continuous forms of terrorism, be it the Palestinian crisis, Kashmir, Sri Lankan, Irish have their roots in unsolved problems of the people or land, the plights of the people (at times fabricated) have been pushed too long under the carpet so that now they have started to stink, and the people most affected have started to clean things up (or at least they think that is what they are doing) and in the process, they start affecting our neighbourhoods. And suddenly, our peaceful and safe towns and cities are not safe anymore.

Nations will never be able to solve terrorism by force, if it is widely supported. However, as the case of Sri Lanka suggests, they have been able to greatly reduce the threat, by terminating the command and support. But since the cause is always there, so the threat is still not all gone, even in this case. One cannot have the same policy, in the case of Israel Palestine crisis, the most budding ground of terrorism, because they are supported by common brotherhood on both sides. Sri Lanka was able to win its battle because ‘Tigers’ were no longer actively supported by India any more, they had a base in South Indian psyche because of the common tamil brotherhood, but Indian Tamils have prospered in India, and the original ‘Tamil Elam’ which comprised on Indian territory as well, was no longer lucrative to Indian Tamil people as a whole. Tamil recognise themselves more with being part of India than as a separate entity.

But in case of the West Bank crisis, neither the Israelis not the Palestinians will back out, as they are both supported by powerful lobby. Irish freedom movement is also subjugated because of the reason called prosperity, same is true for Basque movement in France and Spain, people have more desire to be prosperous than engage themselves in freedom struggles in a developed region.

Kashmir crisis, also is not a big concern, primary reason being that India and Pakistan are so much culturally related that they understand each other and people are amicable towards each other, they are not Israeli – Palestinian people. Even if someone wants to see it from the angle of religious dispute, then again, there is a fact that Indian Muslims are larger in number than the Pakistani population, and in general Indian Muslims are patriotic towards India. Indian Muslims do not see India as a foreign land. They see the great contribution that Indian Muslim rulers, “The Mughals”, have made to India. So, there is no muddy ground here, so the Kashmir problem is just years before it will be solved.

The problem is the attitude of the people towards terrorism. In India, the most prevalent problem is not that of over-hyped International or Islamic terrorism, it is the home-grown, ‘Maoist’ rebellion which is the main problem now. And they are the bigger problem because they are the people of the land only, who have taken up arms. They are not affiliated to any religion, they may be of any religion, their identity is that they belong to the region in which they operate. They are not foreign mercenaries, they are the ‘sons of the soil’. In this kind of situation, the direct definition of terrorism does not apply, although they are doing exactly the same things, in terms of killing people (right now only security personnel). They are currently bound by ideology and supported by local politicians and people. But ultimately they have raised arms against the state, so why is there a dilemma to label them as terrorist?

The Oil Spill

Was the destruction of World Trade Tower more grave or the largest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for America the gravest tragedy? Why do we have to react so differently to the same effect that different calamities possess. Why was Afghanistan battered with carpet bombs and Stealth Fighter jets, while BP is still allowed to do business in America? No one in the US Government is even talking about any punishment for the offenders as such.

The Bhopal Union Carbide Gas Tragedy

In 1984, in Bhopal capital of an Indian state, Madhya Pradesh, poisonous gases were released from US Multinational Union Carbide, killing thousands instantly, and affecting even more for life. The final verdict took 26 years to come and the US-based CEO of the company was not even indicted. Such a great tragedy should have led to enactment of severe laws for Industrial units to follow, but not much have been achieved on the ground.

We react differently even when same effect is produced by any calamity. There is so much of these examples in the world, I will probably continue with more on this in a week or two.