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Quantum thinking

So we thought we decide the flow of life. What if we were not living (life) rather experiencing it.

Quantum physics says one influences the results of an experiment by merely viewing the quantum specimen of the experiment. We cannot see the quantum particles ssimilarly we do not see our thoughts but they are all around us. Could it be that we can influence the outcome of our life events as it unfolds by just thinking about the various possibilities? Because we may never know by scientific logic why this may happen in our lifetime isn’t it worth while just believing.

Isn’t it natural that the first thought we get when we are thinking of possibilities are negative thoughts. Could it be natural tendency embedded in our primitive mind as a natural guard against quantum negative possibilities.

Does that mean being sceptic is a natural survival tactic and by being too positive we may be influencing a rather positive outcome.

Now here’s the most ironic thought. Do you want to believe me and become a sceptic? Or by thinking about it haven’t you influenced a possible outcome of you turning into sceptic.

May be you shouldn’t have read this blog 🙂


When an apple fell.

The triviality of  discovery of a lot of great events is illustrated by the ‘Newton’s Apple’ at Cambridge, UK. Although, these events are greatly generalised to make the audience see humour in these incidents and so that these incidents enter conscious of ordinary people, because when it does the entire community starts to support it. In fact, it’s no where documented that the apple directly fell on his head and that created a neural reaction in his brain that made him come with the gravitational theory. But this incident is so much embedded in our conscious that it is hard to imagine as anything else.

But the audacity with which these stories are circualted worldwide makes them really difficult to counter discuss. The problem is that the theory that humour sells is absolutely true, and many a authors and propagandists will go the extra mile to get mileage from this one.

Coming back to the ‘Newton’s Apple’ was the brilliance of this observation was not the event itself but the analysis and the comparison that went with this observation. Any Tom Dick and Harry would have see an apple for that matter a lot of things falling before Newton made note of the observation but no one was smart enough to postulate that this is because of a force that is ‘The Governing’ force in the universe and that is the force that is true even outside the earth’s atmosphere and ever mass in the universe exert this force. So even the apple was falling to the earth even it would have exerted a force that would have pushed the earth’s surface towards it althouh that force will of no significance because of size of the universe.

By the apple, do you know why we are so much facinated by apples? Remember, It was the apple tree in the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve met!

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World Changes as You decide!

We are having our thread of time and space for us. This is our thread and we control it. There is some reason why it should be like this but that is how it is. This is our thread of execution that we are holding on too. The reason why this is like it is proved by the fact that we are all born in this world, and we are billions of us. We all have have free will, there are lots of us so the world that is created for us has to be controlled or if not totally controlled has to be coordinated.

Now if we believe on god as the supreme power than we can believe him to be doing this task for us. But that is a way of thinking that may well only be considered as the easy way for understanding things. There has to be a different thinking that is radical enough to explain who creates the world for us, because its hard to imagine someone controlling the circumstances for everyone else. It is next to impossible because we are assuming that things are not predefined for us because then there will not be any freewill in this world. Freewill being the basis for any understanding that we may have of the world and things.

The only way to answer this question is to thing above and see what’s in our head. That’s where the power that creates the universe has to lie.

It’s all in the head. Anything and everything! But the control and discipline required to get whatever we want is somewhere else.

– vishal akhouri

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