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The World is waiting for you

You are the star, your are the most important person in the world. You are the force and the power that the world has been awaiting for. You are the light in the darkness and only you can change the world and make it the most beautiful place to live in.

Does these assertion impress you? Do you not feel a sense of pride for all that you have achieved in life till now? If not why do you feel that you are lesser than the onther person you met on the stree?

Why can’t you think of yourself as the person who is going to change the world? Why can’t you think of yourself as the one, the world has been waiting for. All the things that have been created in this world, all the beautiful and remarkable things that you see all around you have been created by people like, well! us. They were no different that us. They were humans with all the constraints in life and may be even more than we had. Some of them were as pathetic in their approac as most of us. They all made a lot of mistake and still they were able to achieve things that sparkled them in the hall of fame. They became pioneer in human achievement. All they had was a desire to achieve and a conviction to keep try until they fulfilled their dreams. And they succeed because most importantly they believed in themselves.

We all are humans, we make mistakes, we are lazy and we procastinate. We are less effecient and we are not that intelligent. But some of these men and women realised their potential and more importantly they realised that the world is waiting for them to arrive. They realised that only they can make it happen and only they have the potential to make it. And talked to themselves and told themselves “if not us then who”.

They succeed because they had a passion in whatever they wanted to achieve. So why can’t we? Why do we have to be the story reader and not the stories of inspiration ourselves.

Now the time has come to rise and shine. The time ins now!

vishal akhouri



The time is now.

Have you been waiting for the right time and opportunity to start doing something that you have always wanted to do all your life? Have you still to decide whether you should start what you really always wanted to do for all these years? Are you seeing unsurmountable roadblocks in your path towards achieving your biggest goal in life before you die? Ane you stuck in the web of life with nothing really foreseeable at the moment happening?

If so, there is just one thing you should be hinking about that can create a magical effect on yourself and take you into a mode called ‘Do it now’ mode that life you like anything and will form the engine of your life and it will give you the power of the mind that you may be lacking, the truth is that time is never ripe for starting anything, if you want to start anything, if you want to do anything, you will have to do it now, or you will do it never.

If you really believe in the purpoe of what ever you want to do and that is what you really always want to do, then start  doing it , right now or just forget about doing it. Start with a small step. Just a beginning if you may say will be the one that will take you to the pinacle of achievement and will take you to the peak of your life and exhubernace. If you believe you should be doing it, then what are you waiting for.

The time is never ripe for starting anything, the only time is now for doing it.

vishal akhouri

You may die the next moment, because life is but anything predicatable. You never know some really pressing event may occur in near future that may force you in completely different direction. You may never know but your situation may worsen so that you may be forced to even not think about doing what you always wanted to do.

So the best time in your life is now, why wait for someother time them.

vishal akhouri


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