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Some of your dreams will never come true

It is one of the most important facts in life to understand that some of our dreams and which may include some of our sweetest and most ambitious dreams will never come true. They are not destined to come true. The reason for this is a matter of further thoughts but this is one truth of life that we may find hard to believe. The reason could be us ourselves, may be we are not skilled enough to fulfill it. May be it was our childhood infatuation like you may want to start a gaming company just because you have played a lot of games yourselves. But you may not have the skills and the required time to acquire those skills in a reasonable amount of time and the earlier you understand it the better it will be for you.

The trick to happiness is then that you remove the clogging and filth of your unfulfilled desires in life. They have clogged your time for too long and have remained unfulfilled and therefore it’s time to bid them farewell. It’s time to say them good-bye like an old friend. It has to be done and the right time to do it is now.
They have occupied too long your time, your most crucial resource. You can still hang on to them but you will not succeed. You haven’t succeed till now, isn’t it?

It’s time to decide and it’s time to move on!


When you should know, ‘It’s not worth it’

You have tried for things,

you have tried for emotions,

you have tried to chase your dream,

you have tried to chase your life,

you have tried to get the best,

you have tried to be the best,

you have tried to get her for your life,

you have tried to run after money,

you have tried to chase the fame,

you have tried to run a mile,

you have tried and tried because you have been taught never to fail,

but now is it time!

You have tried a lot, but have you ever thought about,

have you ever thought is it is worth the chase…!

vishal akhouri

Have you ever thought whether the dream, wealth, love, fame you have been chasing is worth the chase. The evaluation is important because you cannot do it infinitely and early you realise the better it will be for you. You have had a few runs in your life, chasing one of the above mentioned charms in life and you would have got some and lost some. If you got some you are lucky as well as unlucky at the same time, lucky for the obvious reasons, unlucky because you quest ended there. And you had to find or create a new quest in life. But if you got nothing in you chases, you are not doing bad either, because it’s the steps towards you prize that’s more fascinating than the reward itself.

The only limit one has in his or her life, is time. You can actually gain time by slowing down you pace of life. You can gain a lot of joy in life by doing things slowly, because time is relative. The more immersed you are in the moment, the more prolonged the experience will be and more detailed you observation will be.

But even with that time will pass, and there is a limit on time one has, so you should not be wasting too time, chasing an already lost dream, no matter how huge the satisfaction may be. You have to learn to exit, be it anything in your life. If you learn to exit at the right time, you will get all the happiness, wealth, health and love and joy that is there in the world.

So if you are wasting too much of you precious present seconds chasing, then do take rest, analyse and ask yourself the question: “It is worth the chase?”. You will get the answers there itself! And you get the answer don’t look back, just follow what you decided.