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Embrace uncertainty

October 14, 2011 1 comment

We live in a universe that is dynamic and ever-changing. This is a mysterious place to live in. A place where time is moving and is the unit of measurement for happenings.

In our universe, time is the unit of measurement for happenings.

– vishal akhouri

The thing that drives actions and in turn happenings in this universe is called desire. Every living being that dwell in this universe and more notably on our planet is a living being because of its desires. Desires drives and creates events or happenings that fill a life.

Life is therefore a product of events simulated by desires over a period of time which is called lifetime.

– vishal akhouri

So if you have very strong desires you are having a great life and if you do not have strong desires and are confused about the events in your life you are in turn not having a good life. A strong desire is called a passion. A passion for life can only be simulated by having a strong sense of being a strong desire to drive and fill your timeline in this universe with.

If you believe me there may be nothing like chance in this universe, there are just possibilities simulated by desires. The really happy and successful people in this universe are those who have had the privilege to experience a larger number of these possibilities than any average person and have consciously developed the habit of finding a way through a situations in life, be it a certain or an uncertain one. This is called experiences in life.

Any person can at any time start consciously enjoying each challenge that life throws by always keeping this fact at the top of our minds that we will continuously be put in completely alien situation requiring completely different and varied skills to succeed (this is our opportunity to live life). And this will happen to us not because we have hit bad luck or it is by some ill-fated chance. But It’s in fact the most natural progression in this universe.

You are being introduced to the new happenings and events as time flows. Remember time is the measurement of happenings in this universe and so as time flows it will introduce new happenings in you life. Time is the most prevalent and most active property of this universe. It is and will always be there. Our universe will cease to exist when time stops to exist.

Food for thought: Can you think of unit of measurements for happenings and events other than time (may be for some parallel universe)?

Universe in my definition is somethings which has happenings and events.

– vishal akhouri

So when you are introduced to uncertainty or an uncertain event you are being introduced to the most pure form of your interaction with the ultimate force. You are actually being asked to choose a possibility from the infinite available. There is no chance here, because whatever solution you choose for your uncertainty; you are choosing one of the possibility. Your choice is most likely to be driven by you desire, so effectively you create your future with your desire.

There is nothing more powerful and creative as uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty because this is the joy of living and your the path towards happiness flows through it. So next time you are faced with an uncertain future, be overjoyed because the universe is giving you a blank canvas to write your future with the power of your desires.

– vishal akhouri


When you should know, ‘It’s not worth it’

You have tried for things,

you have tried for emotions,

you have tried to chase your dream,

you have tried to chase your life,

you have tried to get the best,

you have tried to be the best,

you have tried to get her for your life,

you have tried to run after money,

you have tried to chase the fame,

you have tried to run a mile,

you have tried and tried because you have been taught never to fail,

but now is it time!

You have tried a lot, but have you ever thought about,

have you ever thought is it is worth the chase…!

vishal akhouri

Have you ever thought whether the dream, wealth, love, fame you have been chasing is worth the chase. The evaluation is important because you cannot do it infinitely and early you realise the better it will be for you. You have had a few runs in your life, chasing one of the above mentioned charms in life and you would have got some and lost some. If you got some you are lucky as well as unlucky at the same time, lucky for the obvious reasons, unlucky because you quest ended there. And you had to find or create a new quest in life. But if you got nothing in you chases, you are not doing bad either, because it’s the steps towards you prize that’s more fascinating than the reward itself.

The only limit one has in his or her life, is time. You can actually gain time by slowing down you pace of life. You can gain a lot of joy in life by doing things slowly, because time is relative. The more immersed you are in the moment, the more prolonged the experience will be and more detailed you observation will be.

But even with that time will pass, and there is a limit on time one has, so you should not be wasting too time, chasing an already lost dream, no matter how huge the satisfaction may be. You have to learn to exit, be it anything in your life. If you learn to exit at the right time, you will get all the happiness, wealth, health and love and joy that is there in the world.

So if you are wasting too much of you precious present seconds chasing, then do take rest, analyse and ask yourself the question: “It is worth the chase?”. You will get the answers there itself! And you get the answer don’t look back, just follow what you decided.

The enigma called time.

Physics has also proved that time is not absolute. In universe, like any other entity time is relative. What it means is that time at one location on this universe may not be the same as other. Time can speed up, time can slow down based on various factors and to balance some of the universes fundamental laws.

Because we are so much used the absolute nature of time and for that matter spaces, it may be a hard theory to comprehend and live with it. We actually do experience time as relative because of our own anxiety about events. We may sometimes feel that time is flowing by like anything and then we complain about lack of time and sometimes, we feel that hours have stopped by and time does not seem to move at all, or it moves very slowly.

It has now been proved that mass affects time, so it we are nearer to a large body, time near us will flow slower than it will move far away from the large body. For the same reasons Black Holes are termed as natural time machines, because of the their extremely huge density they have extranomical gravitational pull because of this time slows down there, so a person near Black Holes will age slowly than one far away. So effectively since the rest of the world sppeds up more so the time spent for the Black Hole person will be less and effectively he would land in a fast forwarded world if he decides to come back to a non Black Hole area.

What does this fact lead us to learn a better life and bring things into perspective? Well, to begin with the fact the knowledge that the basic building blocks of our life time and space are relative should allow us to set ourselves free from the rigidness of our built up constraints. If even these fundamental blocks are not absolute then it should mean something.

Just examining that spaces may not exist at some places is truly unimaginable to us. And that time may change from place to place should be out of world feeling for us.

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Slaves of the Time Keeping Machines

We all have worn watches, and for most of us we have graduated to relying on keeping track of time through display of time on our mobile phones or laptops.

We see people all around us, and they all have a watch on their wrist. We do not find that weird actually, but at first glance suddenly it looks alien to me. All these people roaming around including me like zombies with a device wrapped around their arms to keep them updated of which part of time.

We cannot live without keeping the time as an important dimension of our lives. An invisible force that drives everything that we are doing in this world. A force so powerful that we feel lost if we are not aware of this intrepid moments. The solitude of our life is lost when we lose grip with time.

We are driven and controlled and overwhelmed by its presence and its absence. If I tell you to imagine losing track of your time and still getting your things done, then you will probably shiver with fear. The problem is the machine that we use to keep track of time that has made our lives so unnatural.

Time and space are the most important dimensions of our lives, but the trouble is that we are using a mechanical scale and an equally mechanical tool to keep track of time, and this highly unnatural way of keeping control is what is so much weird to think about. There is an urgent need to change this thinking and because we are so much dependent on this time keeping machine that even a slight positive change towards a more natural way of treating time will be a huge respite to the entire human race. It will indeed be revolutionary to say the least.

Try this for a week: Keep away all you watches and mobile phone times and computer time as invisible to you. And see how you still manage to get all your things done on time and without any negative compulsion to complete your work on time. The reason is that we are all part of the time and space dimenstion so it is quite natural for each of us to take account and control over our time without any artificial help from a time keeping machine.

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