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Embrace uncertainty

October 14, 2011 1 comment

We live in a universe that is dynamic and ever-changing. This is a mysterious place to live in. A place where time is moving and is the unit of measurement for happenings.

In our universe, time is the unit of measurement for happenings.

– vishal akhouri

The thing that drives actions and in turn happenings in this universe is called desire. Every living being that dwell in this universe and more notably on our planet is a living being because of its desires. Desires drives and creates events or happenings that fill a life.

Life is therefore a product of events simulated by desires over a period of time which is called lifetime.

– vishal akhouri

So if you have very strong desires you are having a great life and if you do not have strong desires and are confused about the events in your life you are in turn not having a good life. A strong desire is called a passion. A passion for life can only be simulated by having a strong sense of being a strong desire to drive and fill your timeline in this universe with.

If you believe me there may be nothing like chance in this universe, there are just possibilities simulated by desires. The really happy and successful people in this universe are those who have had the privilege to experience a larger number of these possibilities than any average person and have consciously developed the habit of finding a way through a situations in life, be it a certain or an uncertain one. This is called experiences in life.

Any person can at any time start consciously enjoying each challenge that life throws by always keeping this fact at the top of our minds that we will continuously be put in completely alien situation requiring completely different and varied skills to succeed (this is our opportunity to live life). And this will happen to us not because we have hit bad luck or it is by some ill-fated chance. But It’s in fact the most natural progression in this universe.

You are being introduced to the new happenings and events as time flows. Remember time is the measurement of happenings in this universe and so as time flows it will introduce new happenings in you life. Time is the most prevalent and most active property of this universe. It is and will always be there. Our universe will cease to exist when time stops to exist.

Food for thought: Can you think of unit of measurements for happenings and events other than time (may be for some parallel universe)?

Universe in my definition is somethings which has happenings and events.

– vishal akhouri

So when you are introduced to uncertainty or an uncertain event you are being introduced to the most pure form of your interaction with the ultimate force. You are actually being asked to choose a possibility from the infinite available. There is no chance here, because whatever solution you choose for your uncertainty; you are choosing one of the possibility. Your choice is most likely to be driven by you desire, so effectively you create your future with your desire.

There is nothing more powerful and creative as uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty because this is the joy of living and your the path towards happiness flows through it. So next time you are faced with an uncertain future, be overjoyed because the universe is giving you a blank canvas to write your future with the power of your desires.

– vishal akhouri


Let’s Go Fishing!

Godzillas have wings so have dragons, but they don’t fly. Ostriches and penguins have wings too, but they don’t fly as well. Bumble bees should not be able to fly because scientists have proved that its body weight to wing span ratio is such that it cannot fly, but bumble bees does not know it, so it flies away.

There are many things we know and a lot more that we claim to know. There are things we know that may be proved wrong tomorrow. There are lots of things we experience and understand but we do not know. That is the world we live in. The only certain here is uncertainity itself.

I am a firm believer that its a magical world. A magical world is the certainity that things happen because of some laws, laws that we are not even slightly aware of. The most facinating thing that contradicts anything here, about everything being governed in our world by laws, well established laws are things that happen by chance. Those events we have no clues how to predict or map as a mathematical equation or something.

Who will win a particular game today? Which stock will do well in the stock exchange today? Who will win the elections this year? Whether you will survive the next moment? Where will the next volcano occur?

And most important of all, If I toss a coin will I get head or tail? Why is there a 50/50 chance?

So we fish around, trying to get knowledge where it does not exists and creating our own postulates? The bold ones will nobel prize true. But the fact may be that what all we know may come out to be absolutely wrong in light of a new postulate!

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