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Wise Advice – Live Life

We all live but do we all remember that we are going to die. Here are some wise advises that we should follow to make our life more colorful and more meaningful.

  1. Accept yourself as you are: The most important person in your life should be you yourself, so if someone calls you selfish, take it as a complement. No one is perfect, and imperfection is more beautiful.
  2. Be confident, believe in yourself. Don’t over explain yourself to yourself. Stop thinking a lot and start working. If you are thinking a lot, you are not acting at all.
  3. Understand what are more important for you and live for them.
  4. Face challenges instead os skirting them, that’s where the real fun in life is. If you are not having too much trouble in life to solve, you are having a dull life. So be grateful to life for giving you such scenarios to enjoy and solve.
  5. If you stop learning, you are already dead. Learn anything and learn everything, learn from anyone and learn from everyone. Learning is what we are here for.
  6. Take responsibility for whatever you did. You cannot skirt responsiblity and make excuses. You are responsible for whatever is happening in your life.
  7. Standby your core values, have a character and let the world know about. These values should not be ever compromised or else you lose your identity, you lose your self.
  8. Challenge others if you really want it.
  9. Give the very best of you in whatever you volunteer for. Come out of the shadows and volunteer each time some one asks for it.
  10. Work like hell. Do it with passion. Do it with conviction.
  11. Find you life’s passion and purpose and work towards it.
  12. Take it easy, there is nothing personal. You may be made fun of, you may blunder, but you still can laugh it out. You will get your chances if you remain calm.
  13. Don’t waste your present. Time is one thing that you can never get back. Bring more discipline in life. Discipline in life differentiate the ordinary from the extra-ordinary. Do what you have decided to do. Only your indiscipline is gaining it can stop you now.
  14. Sometimes you may do better, if you can get some help from other. Don’t be shy to ask for one.
  15. Be prepared for anything and everything.
  16. Dream during weekends and turn it into reality during the week.
  17. Forgive and forget the mistakes of people. Appreciate their positive attributes. Always to supportive to other and grateful to them for being part of your life.
  18. Take initiative. If you do not do it then you will never do it. So why not do everything that comes your way.
  19. You are the first citizen in you life. If you don’t care about yourself who else will. You are most important person in your life.
  20. Finish what you started. It will require a lot of self discipline. If you are not disciplined you cannot succeed and you can never be happy and satisfied with life. You cannot achieve anything without self discipline.

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