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Ubiquitous Dilemma: The Gospels of Truth

So you believe in your daily newspaper for correct information. You believe in your regular news readers on TV for accurate news reporting. And you believe in your talk shows host for the unbiased picture of the truth. And to top it all, if you are a regular reader of my WordPress posts you may have started to believe in ‘Vishal Akhouri’ as a source of great ideas.

And then without any doubts, we believe in God. We believe in our parents. We believe in our company for meanigful work and proper salaries. We believe in our local grocers and bakers for providing us nutritious food. We believe in everything.

What would life be if you stopped believing in them. What would you turn into when you stop believing in them, even though when most people around you are still believing in them. Yes, then probably you will be termed a rebel, anti-social guy and since most of us want to live a peaceful life, we keep believing in everything that we are fed without questioning them.

We are opinionated by lot of means and most recently it’s being called advertisement or propaganda.

Iraq – Weapons of Mass Destruction

We believed in Bush Government’s Propaganda about ‘Iraq – Weapons of Mass Destruction’. They actually found none there, but even if they would have found 1-2 there, it can never match the number of weapons of mass destruction that USA has. One may argue that USA is a democratic responsible state and therefore these weapons of Mass Destuction are in safe hands. But again these are apparently Weapons of Mass destruction, in safe hands or unface, doesn’t matter.

The truth is that truth is biased. And it’s biased using tools, US has a huge propaganda machine called Hollywood, American Media, American MNCs and off course the American direct and very powerful diplomatic affairs. No country can match them, they are every where, so the world opinion is created by them.

World Finanacial Crisis (2008-2010)

Second, you have believed in the power of US financial Institution and Merchant Bankers, it took them not even a month for the most power of the financial organisations of the World, mostly US-based, to go down like dominos. And for decades they have been audited for their truth by the accounting firms and their monetary details probably scanned by might US financial regulators. They have dumped us into an economic depression and people have lost jobs and hopes because of this fiasco and fuelled by sheer greed and auditing fraud. Were we fed the truth ever, when we were asked to sign legal financial terms and conditions or when we invested our hard earned money in these firms or elsewhere.

War and Patriotism

Since nothing is biased, believe me when I say that you are always fed half truth.

In any war, you are mourning the death of your soldiers, there are equal number of people who are grieving the death of civilians and soldiers on the other side of the fence killed by your brutal soldiers. And you get to read the bravery of your soldiers and brutality of your adversary.

But the best part is that we may be the actual villains in other lives without even realising it and blaming others for the wrong done.

Kill the Devil Within!

vishal akhouri

How many times have we blamed others for showing apathy and even hatred towards us, not realising that we may be the intruders and others may have actually shown us the kindness and empathy to their max limit possible. We fail to realise that others may as well have a past and a present and we in our greed, try to impose ourselves on them. We become insensitive to their needs. And that where the problems begin, when we become emotionally charged, we become depressed, and we nag and we become angry. A classic case of half truth in life.

If you love it let it go, it will surely come back because if you truly loved it sooner or later it will realise it

vishal akhouri

The world will become a better place only if we ourselves become more aware of everyones needs and situations. And this can only happen through open dialogue and understanding that every one has a free will.

Truth is what you believe in. That is what it comes down to!

vishal akhouri

Know yourself first, before you become mature enough to understand the differences between apparent truth and actual situation and before you start seeing situations from different perspective so as to critically analyse what is fed to you.

  • The one thing you should take care of is that you be rational at all times
  • You should be considerate to understand other’s situations
  • Don’t turn your ideologies and believes into somethings that will adversely affect others. (The most extreme examples are the Nazis and the religious fundamentalists)
  • You should always be helpful.
  • You should also leave some doubts in your mind in order to question your own believes first
  • Don’t be rigid
  • Don’t take yourself and the world so seriously. chill!
  • You have miles to go and places and people to visit, this truth (whatever you holding on to your heart now) is not the end of the world for you
  • You may be absolutely wrong, if you don’t know the full truth. Be doubtful!
  • Always support your parents and close friends
  • Know who wants to be with you more than whom you want to be with